We had the pleasure of chatting with Neptune’s UX and Creative Manager, Antonio Arevalo, about creating a data-driven user experience. During the interview, he also shares how to get buy-in for a new tool, and his experience with Contentsquare (it’s long and we love it!). 

About Neptune and Antonio

Antonio manages a small but growing team of digital designers and UX researchers who are helping take Neptune to the next stage of its digital experience journey. The team is focused on understanding customer journeys and removing customer pain points that might affect their brand image.

“Our reputation is our number one priority. We want to live up to our brand promise by providing the best possible experience for our customers from both a product and digital point of view,” says Antonio.


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What challenges did you have before using Contentsquare?

Like many retailers, Neptune used to make decisions based mainly on intuition, rather than data. “Before Contentsquare, it was people’s opinions versus some sort of data, which only a few select people had access to. We needed a tool that would help us quickly understand user behavior and whether our content was being interacted and engaged with,” Antonio shares.

The digital team at Neptune already had access to Google Analytics but didn’t know how to make sense of the data. Antonio explains, “Compared to GA, Contentsquare’s visual tools make it easy for us to identify key problems on our site quickly.”

What made you choose Contentsquare?

Having used Contentsquare in many of his previous roles, Antonio already saw the value it could bring to Neptune. “I’ve been a fan of Contentsquare for a long time and have used it in different companies, so I already knew the power of the tool.”

And to our delight, the platform was at the top of Antonio’s to-do list. “When I joined Neptune, my first ask was to adopt some key tools that would give my team access to data democratically. Not only was making our data accessible to everyone important, but I also wanted my team to get quick insights to make sense of what the real problems are.”

“Without the right tools, you can’t win the battle. That’s why it was critical that we get Contentsquare, so my team has the right tool to thrive and learn.” —Antonio Arevalo, UX and Creative Manager at Neptune

So, how did you convince the business to invest in the platform?

Antonio shares his strategy: “For me, it was a no-brainer, but obviously for a business with no experience using the platform, there needs to be a very clear use case. It was important for us to go through the proper process, understand the benefits, and determine how we’re going to use it.”

It was about convincing the business of the potential missed opportunities that they’ll have if they don’t adopt the tool. Antonio explains, ”My approach was: how much are we going to lose if we don’t have it? Yes, we’re going to invest in something and not everyone in the business will initially understand the value, but I’ve seen the power of Contentsquare. In my previous role, I used it to validate tests that have brought an incremental value of 4 million pounds.”

Quote from Neptune about Contentsquare

What was your team’s response to the new platform?

Antonio’s team was initially reserved about adopting a new platform, but has since become advocates themselves. Antonio shares, “Now all we talk about is: Can we view this in Contentsquare? Can we do this with Contentsquare? They very quickly realized the power of the tool and the businesses are now championing data, seeing it as the key to understanding whether what we’re doing is the right or wrong thing.”

“For example, whatever changes we make to the homepage, we can immediately see whether the impact is positive or negative. It’s such an easy tool to onboard and everyone has access to invaluable insights. I’ve got lots of happy bunnies jumping into the platform all the time. We just can’t get enough of Contentsquare at the moment.” —Antonio Arevalo, UX and Creative Manager at Neptune

Who has their hands on Contentsquare?

Contentsquare was first adopted by the digital team at Neptune, but usage across teams is steadily growing. Antonio explains, “We are slowly but surely expanding usage across the business to marketing and the other teams. My next focus is to ensure that we set the right foundations to playback information—whether it’s positive or negative, it’s good UX analytics.”

“We have always been very brand-led and empowered to do what’s right for the Neptune brand. Contentsquare has helped us rationalize and validate the right approach to what we do, by giving us the right information, the right tools, and a better understanding of what people are doing within our website.” —Antonio Arevalo, UX and Creative Manager at Neptune

What immediate impact has Contentsquare had on the website?

The digital team at Neptune could see the impact straight off the bat, “We immediately noticed that a very small percentage of users were going below-the-fold on our homepage. There was a 60% bounce rate on certain pages. So, the visual features that we get with Contentsquare quickly emphasized our key problems, ” shares Antonio.

The entire business can now also understand the value of Contentsquare, “Now that we’re using Contentsquare, people are starting to see the real benefits of having a tool like this.”

Which features are you most excited about?

The Customer Journey Analysis tool is one of the most impactful tools for Neptune, helping them understand user journeys—where they are dropping off and which pages to optimize.

“The sunburst diagram is invaluable, especially if you have a very critical page with a high bounce rate. It becomes super impactful because you can’t miss it. With such clear insights, it’s up to our whole team to address the issue. It’s just making some of this data much easier to understand because it’s visual. ” says Antonio.

He also mentions Contentsquare Zoning Analysis, “Using things like zoning and seeing how much exposure rate you have on the content below-the-fold. It sounds like common sense, but actually, the data is so much more revealing than you’d expect.”

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Antonio gets straight to the point: “You’d be a fool not to adopt the tool—think of the missed opportunity. Your return on an investment will be made up very quickly.”

Any last words?

“In addition to the platform features, there’s a great community that Contentsquare nurtures and works with. I’ve always been amazed by the openness of the community. It’s one of the things that I missed about Contentsquare and it’s amazing to be a part of it again.“ —Antonio Arevalo, UX and Creative Manager at Neptune