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Every shopper is unique. Learn what makes them click.

The Retail industry has experienced rapid change the past several years, with the digital experience accelerating in importance for how retailers differentiate, compete, and thrive.

With Contentsquare for Retail, all types of retailers can put digital experiences at the center of their growth strategy.

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Get the data and insights to make every visit count

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Improve shopper conversion

  • Visualize how shoppers are navigating product categories and searching for products.
  • Compare distinct behavior of different segments of shoppers.
  • Use insights to improve trials and checkout and extend these insights to better inbound campaign performance by understanding why traffic may bounce from your site or where shoppers navigate if they stay on your site.

Optimize product performance

  • Spend more time on products that move shoppers along in the customer journey and drive conversion.
  • Optimize your product mix based on product sales and conversion as well as placement on the page, price, cross-sell impact, user reviews and other factors.
  • Orchestrate better shopping journeys with products that shoppers are looking for and drive higher conversion.

Get the most for your money spent on acquiring and retaining shoppers.

  • Leverage enriched customer insights across your eCommerce tech stack for more effective results.
  • Drive more personalized experiences through your eCommerce platform, CMS, CRM or marketing automation system with insights of shopper feelings, behavior and intent.
  • Get better quality A/B test results and go beyond simple reports in web analytics.
  • Get greater value from your stack and a higher ROI.
Case Study

How one change boosted Black Friday revenue by +18%

Learn how the team at Dreams was able to use Contentsquare’s Zone-based Heatmaps and Live Zoning features to monitor the performance of their landing pages day-to-day and spot any issues.

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What Contentsquare gives us is the flexibility to understand what our customers are doing now, and how we can make changes that will help their customer journey."

Octavia Benham

Online Trading Manager

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