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Entice, delight, and convert your retail customers

Contentsquare for Retail

Contentsquare's digital experience analytics platform helps retail brands understand and quantify their customer behavior, providing actionable insights to improve customer satisfaction and drive more revenue through outstanding digital experiences.

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Insights you can’t afford to miss

From big name brands to small independent sellers, the retail industry is more competitive than ever before. And with almost one in two retail visitors bouncing after just one page, the pressure’s on for brands to provide an experience compelling enough to make their customers stick around.

You need to know what content attracts your customers, what points of friction cause them to abandon, and which journeys are your most profitable. Contentsquare gives you the visibility you need to delight your customers and beat the competition.

"Within a retail business, you have to react really quickly. What Contentsquare gives us is the flexibility to understand what customers are doing right now, and how we can make immediate changes that will help their customer journey."

Octavia Benham

Head of Ecommerce, Dreams

Understand the ROI of your on-page content

Easily monitor the efficiency and performance of any content or product to quickly identify your most engaging and profitable content.

What content elements are most attractive? What product information isn’t being seen or used? Contentsquare helps you optimize your homepage, category and product pages to to exceed your acquisition targets.

Remove friction from every stage of the buyer journey

Understand where your customers are dropping off and discover exactly which features are frustrating them. What elements of the page are they rage clicking on? Which pages cause them to exit?

Contentsquare gives you real-time insights into 100% of your customer journeys, so you can optimize their paths to purchase – fast and at scale.

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Advanced e-merchandising analysis

Optimize your online sales performance by combining customer journey insights, granular data on your product catalogue, and competitor pricing – all in one place.

Understand exactly which products are resonating with your customers, and optimize your online shop to create a truly outstanding digital experience.

Discover and correct website errors at speed

Surface and rank errors based on their revenue and conversion impact with our industry-leading Find & Fix feature. Automate and simplify your web performance monitoring by receiving actionable insights in seconds. Contentsquare can help you recover millions in revenue lost to technical errors on your website.

Contentsquare makes things simple

Conventional web analytics tools are hard to use and even harder to interpret. Contentsquare is painless to set up and complements traditional analytics with automated insights that every digital team can use – not just the analysts.

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Freedom from tagging

Contentsquare’s software effortlessly breaks down elements on your site, no tagging required.

AI insights

Machine learning automatically prioritizes the errors that are costing you conversions.

Make data-driven decisions to delight and convert your retail customers

  • In-depth insights into your retail customers

    Contentsquare provides a full picture of your user experience and behavior. We help you understand your retail customers better than anyone else by tracking every click, hover, and micro gesture.

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    Empower your entire digital team

    Break down silos and get crucial insights into the hands of your whole digital team. From Product to eCommerce to Analytics, our tool gives everyone access to the important stuff.

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    Deliver great customer experiences

    Use Contentsquare insights to build intuitive digital experiences that delight, convert and retain your retail customers. To beat the competition, you need all the data – and that’s what we’re here for.

“Contentsquare has made our lives so much easier. Not only can we see how each element of content performs, it also shows us how visitors journey through the site, giving us all the information we need to make decisions confidently. The visualization makes the data easy to consume, and today the team uses Contentsquare as part of its daily decision-making process and whenever we are thinking about UX design."

Eumir Nicasio

Head of Product, Digital & eCommerce, GoPro


Supercharge your analytics with out-of-the-box integrations

Contentsquare integrates directly with 70+ leading tools, powering your systems with unique insight into your customer.. We make your entire ecosystem smarter, giving you a greater return on your marketing tech stack investment.

Our technology partners
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Qualtrics
  • Salesforce
  • Optimizely

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Find out how Contentsquare can help your team build outstanding retail experiences at scale.

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