Buzz Bingo x Contentsquare

How Buzz Bingo uses Contentsquare to set themselves up for data-driven success

The Company

Buzz Bingo is the UK’s largest omnichannel bingo operator, with 81 clubs across the country. The company has a unique "Single Wallet" offering, enabling customers to pay online and in physical clubs using the same digital wallet. Buzz Bingo also runs live online bingo events and recently launched Buzz Casino, a new website focused on slots and casino game content.

As a non-eCommerce retail business, the company chose Contentsquare’s Digital Experience Analytics Platform to help it move from relying on gut feeling to achieving data-driven success. Junior Product Manager Jazmin Hill, and the digital team, wanted more insights into how their customers were using the website, as well as how they could drive more traffic into the retail clubs. 

Before using Contentsquare, the team couldn’t see how users were interacting with the site. They needed a tool that would fill this gap, analyze customer behaviors and highlight areas where the customer journey could be streamlined and improved.

“We were making decisions based on gut feelings and guessing what customers wanted rather than knowing what they actually needed. This is something that Contentsquare has really helped us with,” says Jazmin.

The Challenge

Buzz Bingo is not a typical eCommerce retailer. While most retail websites encourage customers to find relevant product pages, add items to a cart, and then complete a checkout process, for Buzz Bingo the customer journey is different. When customers land on the site, they must create an account before choosing from a variety of next steps—from playing live bingo to playing slots or even just seeking information about their nearest club. 

“Our main measures of success are getting customers to register, create an account and then make a deposit, so they can start playing with us,” Jazmin explains.

The Solution

As part of their new product management process, Jazmin and her team are now able to use insights surfaced by Contentsquare to prioritize A/B tests of specific changes before they go live on the website. They then use Contentsquare to assess the impact of the tests.

“As a product manager, it's really exciting to be able to see the changes that you've made are actually working on site,” Jazmin adds.

1. Streamlining customer registration and login processes using A/B testing

Due to strict regulations, Buzz Bingo customers must submit their personal information for verification before being able to play. This makes the registration process long and potentially intimidating. However, getting more customers to complete the registration process is a key metric for Buzz Bingo, so Jazmin set up an A/B test to compare a single-page registration form to a multi-step process.

When the multi-step option proved effective at getting more customers to complete their registrations, the team went further and used Contentsquare’s Form Analysis to analyze user behavior. 

Doing so, they noticed they were getting a high tap recurrence rate (3.34) on a non-clickable promotion box that contained details of the bonus customers could claim after registering. 

As a result, the team implemented a clickable feature, triggering a pop-up displaying additional details about the bonus

“Registration is the most important part of our customer journey because people can’t play with us until they’re registered. So it’s vital for us to get this right, and this was where Contentsquare came in.”

Jazmin Hill

Junior Product Manager, Buzz Bingo

Further investigation in Session Replay, revealed that many existing customers were landing on the registration page, rather than the login page. As a result, existing customers were stuck in a loop, trying to log in on the registration page, which was not possible to do.  

This insight led the team to create a new call to action at the top of the registration page that existing customers could click to take them through to the login page. 

“It’s a really simple improvement that we wouldn't have found without looking at Contentsquare’s Session Replay, but it has made the customer journey so much easier because now those customers can get to exactly where they need to be,” says Jazmin.


2. Using Contentsquare to support Buzz Bingo’s retail clubs

As an omnichannel business, Buzz Bingo wants as many customers as possible to use both channels and play with them both online and in their retail clubs. They already knew that many customers would typically go online to find information about their nearest club before visiting. 

The team decided to try and get those customers to pre-register online for their nearest club. That way, they would be able to skip the queue, show their ID, and get their membership card printed out right away, making for a smoother and faster registration process. 

They tested a “Beat the Queues” button on the website to encourage pre-registration. This button got a click rate of 3.09%—almost double the previous button’s click rate of 1.66%. 

The results

With the help of Contentsquare, Buzz Bingo is well on the way to becoming a data-driven company that prioritizes new features based on genuine insights into customer behavior.

This focus on improving and streamlining customer journeys has resulted in an almost doubling of pre-registrations for their physical clubs, along with improving the click rate of   the deposit button which has increased by +27.8%—from an 11.5% click rate to 14.7%. 

The team is now using Contentsquare alongside A/B testing and other tools to build a new data-driven product management and development process. 

Jazmin is also a Contentsquare Quarterly Champion, meaning she’s one of the top 250 users of Contentsquare globally.  

“The Contentsquare Community has just been invaluable for getting to grips with the many different features available. What I love about the community is it's a place where you can ask questions, share insights and learn from what other people are doing.”

Jazmin Hill

Junior Product Manager, Buzz Bingo

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