Executing a data-driven site redesign


In 2018, Steve Thomson (Lead UX and Digital Designer) and Elaine Smith (Head of Digital Product) were approaching a full website redesign on dunelondon.com. Having worked with Contentsquare for more than a year already, they knew the kind of insight offered would be valuable not just for them, but for others in different teams — such as the designers and the performance marketing team.

Steve and Elaine wanted to get a solid understanding of the site’s current experience, to better understand how to improve. Working with Contentsquare, alongside an agency, they began by giving the site a comprehensive audit.

“We’ve always had a really positive relationship with the Contentsquare team.

One, in terms of wanting us to succeed, and two, to help us action the insights that Contentsquare is exposing to us, we’ve always had a really strong dialogue with both the customer success managers or the technical team. It’s been very successful.”

Steve Thomson

Lead UX & Digital Designer
Dune London


Steve and Elaine identified several areas of focus from the audit.

1. The PLP

With Contentsquare, they could see that customers were using the basket as a pseudo ‘wish list’ — adding and subtracting from the basket multiple times. They hypothesized this was driven by users starting their journey on mobile and continuing on desktop.

They also wanted to reduce the amount of page clutter, to give the site a cleaner feel — and finally to expose users to more product colorways at the PLP level.

2. The filters

Steve had tested and made some improvements but knew there was still work to do to make the filters more mobile-friendly.

3. The checkout

From his research, Steve understood there were limitations in the guest checkout. The login page was cluttered and had several areas of unnecessary data entry which could frustrate users.



Redesigned the PLP, adding a wishlist button, shorter product description and additional information on each thumbnail.


Made the filters more visual, more engaging and more mobile-friendly.


Moved to a tabbed approach with guest checkout, and merged the order review and delivery pages in the checkout flow to reduce the number of steps from six to five


Site-wide, they saw a:

+14% AOV

-30% bounce rate

+4% conversion

Their new sign-in page in checkout reduced exit from 12% to 9%, which was a great result given most of Dune’s users were new visitors.

They also saw customers who visited the wish list via the PLP converted at a much higher rate than those that don’t.

“This redesign isn’t just something to draw a line under and move on. We really want to make this part of our ongoing roadmap, constantly making iterative improvements. That’s where we really see Contentsquare coming into its own, enabling us to make those small, context-driven changes throughout the funnel.”

Elaine Smith

Head of Digital Product
Dune London

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