Understand, Quantify, Design and Innovate with UX Analytics

Transform millisecond-level behaviors into meaningful insights, so you can design the experiences your customers want from your website, mobile site and app with analytics for ux.

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Confidently answer the questions that matter most to your impact

  • How do users interact with each element on each page?

  • Is our new site or page design positively or negatively impacting site goals?

  • Why are visitors bouncing?

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    How do I prioritize and advocate for our roadmap?

Identify opportunities for innovation and growth

See actual behavior to create experimentation that transcends guesswork and gut feelings. Prioritization, ideation, hypothesizing, analyzing and time-consuming design and coding become data-driven. The end result is a more efficient, constantly improving testing engine.

Do more meaningful testing at every stage of the cycle

User experience analytics take the guesswork out of what affects user behavior by analyzing heatmaps before initiating a test. Run post-test analyses to uncover how the changes you’ve made impact visitors' interactions. Get faster insights into your entire testing optimization cycle, engineer smarter tests, and deliver substantial results. 

Pinpoint website elements causing friction

Expose the “why” behind visitors’ struggle by seeing the full digital journey within pages and across visits. Analyze behaviors with your team to align all stakeholders around your visitors’ actual experiences. Learn more about Journey Analysis

Automatically surface insights to create successful customer journeys

Get a custom view of the metrics you and your team care about most for specific items of content that you want to monitor. Set AI alerts for certain KPIs related to your content which will notify you when they change dramatically.

Scrutinize and quantify negative feedback

Uncover why you’re getting specific feedback on your digital properties through advanced integrations with leading Voice of Customer vendors, and quantify the impact on your top line. Link behavior analysis with those who have left feedback, enabling you to quickly contextualize why visitors are saying what they do. Learn more about Voice of Customer integrations.

"What’s great about Contentsquare is that the insights are visual and extremely easy to digest. It’s particularly helpful to be able to give the creative or leadership team a clear picture of pain points and successes — it helps secure immediate buy-in and significantly reduces time to action, meaning we don’t miss out on potential sales.”

Lisa Skowrup

Senior Manager, Site Experience
The North Face

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