How one change boosted Black Friday revenue +18%


During Black Friday 2019, Octavia Benham — part of the Online Trading Team at Dreams — was looking to analyze their Black Friday landing pages to identify opportunities to increase revenue.

The team was able to use Contentsquare’s Zone-based Heatmaps and Live Zoning features to monitor the performance of their landing pages day-to-day and spot any issues.

On one key landing page, their “shop by category” feature was the most-clicked element, but was located at the bottom.


Based on this insight, the team made the simple change of moving the feature up to the top of the page, above elements that were generating fewer clicks.


This increased the click rate by 150% on mobile devices, generating an additional 18% revenue over just 5 days.

What Contentsquare gives us is the flexibility to understand what our customers are doing now, and how we can make changes now that will help their customer journey."

Octavia Benham

Online Trading Manager

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