Compare your experience metrics against industry peers

Benchmarks enables companies to effortlessly access and compare their site's metrics with industry peers in real-time, empowering them with the valuable insights needed to stay ahead of the competition and drive success. Say goodbye to outdated reports and embrace the power of timely, data-driven decision-making.

Benchmarks benefits

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    Market intelligence

    Know where you stand against your competitors

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    Build differentiated strategy

    Focus your team's efforts and uncover high impact opportunities

  • Data-driven roadmap

    Prioritize, act and monitor on real users data

Unique real user data

Trillions of behaviors analyzed turned into powerful comparative benchmarks

With Benchmarks teams have access to up-to-date insights based on user experience performance data directly from competitors' websites. Data are aggregated and anonymized to create a safe experience with privacy at the top of our concern.

Expansive set of experience metrics

Surface and deep dive into insights to prioritize and make adjustments:

Follow site level metrics such as bounce rate, load time, average cart and more for a deeper understanding of your market. Initiate more in-depth investigation on how your metrics evolve over time on key page groups and align your teams on one objective: bridge the gap with your competitors.

Maximise ROI with data-driven prioritization

Track performance data and the impact of investments

See the effects of your campaigns, peak season or experience improvements on your traffic distribution, conversion or bounce rate. Share the results in one click and adjust your strategy accordingly. Leverage other Contentsquare platform capabilities to measure the evolution of opportunity and frustration score, compare pages and quantify impact.

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Frequently asked question

  • Benchmark websites are platforms used to compare and evaluate the performance of websites, measuring key metrics against industry standards or competitors. These tools provide valuable insights into areas for improvement, helping businesses set performance goals and enhance their online presence.

  • Benchmark websites play a crucial role in competitive analysis by allowing businesses to assess how their online performance compares to industry benchmarks or competitors. This information helps organizations identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, guiding strategic decisions to stay competitive in the digital landscape.

  • Benchmark websites measure various metrics, including page load times, bounce rates, conversion rates, and overall website responsiveness. By analyzing these metrics, businesses can gauge the effectiveness of their online strategies and implement targeted improvements for a better user experience.

  • Regular benchmarking is essential for website optimization as it enables businesses to track performance trends over time. By continuously comparing against benchmarks or competitors, organizations can adapt to changing market conditions, implement best practices, and ensure their website remains competitive and effective.

  • Businesses can leverage insights from benchmark websites by identifying areas of underperformance and implementing targeted strategies for improvement. Whether adjusting website design, optimizing content, or refining marketing strategies, these insights guide data-driven decisions, fostering continuous improvement and a stronger competitive position.