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Delivering a successful site redesign


Before embarking on their redesign Desi Becheva, CRO Manager at Hackett, turned to Contentsquare to get more insight into how users were interacting with each page.

“Part of our digital transformation is really emulating our store experience online. For any fashion brand, it’s important to not just have a great user experience — but to really represent the brand. This is where Contentsquare is key.”

Desi Becheva

CRO Manager


Using Zone-based Heatmaps, she could see that much of the content on their homepage was not being viewed as it was below the fold.

Hackett used this insight, among others, to inform their site redesign — prioritising pages to focus on and digging deeper into customer interactions in-page.


After their redesign was complete, Desi again turned to Contentsquare to measure the results. She saw that not only was scroll rate increased across all devices, but bounce rate was reduced by 24% and 15% more users were reaching PDPs and PLPs from the homepage — a key metric for Hackett to improve.


Now their redesign is complete, Hackett are looking ahead to see how they can continue to iterate on their successes and drive further growth.

“Part of building an experimentation culture in-house is really good, insightful data and analytics. That’s why Contentsquare has been integral in our redesign initiatives.

So not only have a grand redesign every three years, but to really set goals and target and tweak pages as we go along. Our users are changing and Contentsquare has been extremely useful for us to really drive our growth and lessons learned.”

Desi Becheva

CRO Manager

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