Contentsquare for Telecom

Better experiences that that keep customers on the line

The telecommunications industry is one marked by constant change, with new technologies, tighter regulations and more demanding consumers.

At the heart of these changes is the digital experience delivered, which will determine whether businesses differentiate, compete and thrive. Put digital experiences at the center of your growth strategy.

Improve subscriptions and boost upsells and cross-sells

  • Understand how the telecom customer navigates to and through your online buying experience.
  • Discover the user experience challenges they face, why these issues happen, the quality of the experience for upsells and cross-sells, and maximize your potential to turn a visitor into a paying customer.
New Guide

How to Optimize Mobile Experiences to Drive Growth

Read our guide to elevate your mobile user experiences across web and app and generate more revenue, retention and customer satisfaction.

Optimize content performance

Drill into how customers interact with content, whether that be content on product pages or informational pages – from attractiveness, clicks and conversion – and use that information to optimize content placement and orchestrate better, higher converting customer journeys.

Reduce churn with better self-service

  • Understand how customers are navigating the self-service experience.
  • Dig into what’s working, what’s not and reasons for abandonment to higher cost channels, such as call centers.
  • Marry these insights to customer feedback you are getting paint a full picture of customer behavior to better optimize resolution of needs through self-service while reducing potential customer churn.
Case Study

Streamlining the customer journey using behavioral data

Insights from the data we captured enabled RingCentral to gain a deeper understanding of the entire customer experience — establishing which areas needed to be removed or redesigned, what customers were clicking on or searching for, and what aspects were reducing the probability to convert.

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By analyzing our website visits with Contentsquare, we were able to identify parts of the website that had the potential to be high-converting areas.

This helped us fix any issues visitors were experiencing, bridge gaps in the system and redesign areas where potential customers were stumbling."

Lisa Friedman

Associate Vice President of Web Marketing and eCommerce,

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