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Power more human experiences


Capture complete understanding on one central platform

More human experiences start with a holistic understanding of the customer. Our platform provides rich and contextual insight into what customers want from your site, how they use it, and how they feel about the experience, from start to finish:

  • From adoption to conversion, capture UX, performance and product and content insights across the entire customer journey, and at every touchpoint.
  • Understand why customers behave the way they do, measure the quality of the experiences you deliver, and prioritize decision-making based on empathy and on what will drive the greatest impact.


Drive intelligent action at enterprise scale

Insights from data means nothing if it fails to result in action. Our technology leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and the industry’s largest ecosystem to capture and visualize insights at scale.

Align the entire organization around a common understanding, and empower your team to make smarter decisions, faster. 


Build digital trust with security, privacy and accessibility

It’s never been more important for businesses to meet the evolving needs of their customers, and to create experiences that uphold basic human values such as privacy, security and accessibility.

Contentsquare helps brands build healthy data relationships with their customers, and personalized experiences that respect a person's right to privacy.

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CS Digital

Understand the why and build better digital experiences

Contentsquare captures customers' journey automatically, allowing you to decide what to analyze and quantify without tagging. CS Digital is your starting point with Contentsquare and your foundation for building better customer experiences.

Pinpoint opportunities and issues at a glance
Visualize metrics for each page element
Stop losing conversions where it matters the most
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