Voice of Customer

Make better decisions with fast user feedback

Launch AI-powered, customizable surveys in seconds to ask your users anything. Spot issues and quantify them so you can prioritize what to fix—fast.

Benefits of Voice of Customer

  • Improve user experiences

    Get continuous feedback at every step of the user journey

  • icon journey analysis

    See the full context

    View corresponding session replays to see what respondents experienced

  • Get insights fast

    Use AI-powered analysis to prioritize what to fix based on impact

  • icon human clock

    Start in seconds

    Skip the setup—VoC works with just your Contentsquare tag

Key Capabilities

Net Promoter® Score (NPS®)

Measure customer loyalty and happiness

Launch NPS surveys to track user sentiment over time. Identify opportunities for improvement by replaying the journeys of users who gave you low scores, and uncovering underlying causes of issues with Digital Experience Monitoring.

Learn more about NPS surveys

Start collecting user feedback in seconds

Select a survey from 40+ templates and customize it with the intuitive interface to get started. Or you can tell the AI assistant what you’re working on to get survey questions generated for you.

Integrate your tech stack for greater insights

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Optimizely
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Qualtrics
  • kameleoon
  • New Relic

Most common use cases

All-in-one experience platform

Collect user feedback at scale

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Voice of Customer is all about using direct, continuous customer feedback to improve the user experience. It’s particularly helpful to product, marketing, research, and conversion rate optimization teams who need to understand user perspectives.

    Voice of Customer tools offer different survey types (on-site, external, etc.) and response analysis options, helping you to gather valuable insights from users.

  • Qualitative insights from Voice of Customer tools help identify issues and opportunities, uncover the why behind the what, and get stakeholder buy-in. Businesses can also validate their assumptions quickly with real customer feedback before investing time and effort into initiatives.

    Giving customers a direct line helps businesses develop empathy, better understand customer needs, optimize experiences, and make better business decisions.

  • When choosing a Voice of Customer tool, consider:
    · How easy and quick it is to create surveys
    · Whether it integrates with session replay tools to get more context
    · Whether it has AI-powered survey analysis capabilities

    Look for tools offering different survey display options, survey templates, and customization features to create surveys your users would want to respond to.

  • Quantitative data from Web Analytics helps identify the what of user behavior. However, without seeing the why, businesses don’t have a clear path to solving problems that users experience.

    Qualitative insights generated by Voice of Customer and Digital Experience Analytics tools help teams understand the root cause of issues, so they can prioritize the right problem and solve it promptly.

    · Digital Experience Analytics can identify why some users succeed in their journeys while others are confused or disinterested. This allows teams to uncover opportunities for better product solutions.
    · Voice of Customer tools let customers tell product teams where they see opportunities and issues using their own words.

    The combination makes for a complete experience platform that transforms the entire team with an ability to create better products and experiences

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