35% Increase in Revenue

AVON is a legacy beauty brand with an enviable reputation built in part by a vast community of representatives. The company has invested heavily in digital transformation in order to bring a seamless customer experience to its hyper-connected audience.

The Challenge

When the website optimization analyst on Avon's digital team analyzed the makeup category page, she found that the product carousel had a low 60% exposure rate on desktop - meaning, 40% of customers were not even seeing it.

Visitors were viewing the banner image at the top of the page but were not scrolling down to the product carousel, which was located beneath the fold.

At the same time, the attractiveness rate of the area was high, with those visitors exposed to the carousel likely to click on it. Even better news, the conversion per click showed that a high percentage of visitors who did click on the carousel went on to make a purchase.


The team decided to run an AB Test on the page to determine whether reducing the height of the banner and bringing the product carousel higher up on the page would translate into a healthier exposure rate, more engagement and an improved conversion rate.

It wasn’t the first time that the team had considered making the banner smaller, but up until now there had been no data to back up such a decision. The team was also concerned about devaluing the banner image so it was important to test before rolling out any changes.

During the test, the team analyzed exposure, clicks, scroll, time spent, and bounce and exit rates. They also took into account conversion metrics.

The Outcome

Running a test with a shorter banner resulted in a 44% increase to the exposure rate (from 57% in the control to 82% in the variant). The team also noticed a 24% increase in click rate and overall revenue attributed to the zone increased by 35%. In fact, the variant segment also drove revenue 6% higher than the control group. At the same time, the bounce and exit rates went down, and visitors ended up spending 5 seconds longer on the page.