Solutions for Analytics Teams

Automatic AI insights for Analytics Teams

Quickly and easily learn about your user’s behavior and quantify the impact of related issues, and frustrations affecting your business. Integrate your existing analytics stack with our pre-built integrations and empower your team with automatic AI insights

Understand the consumer behavior behind digital metrics

Capture every in-page interaction and micro-gesture to understand the how and the why behind traditional click metrics.

  • Use these behavioral insights to design user experiences that boost conversions and align future efforts around your goals and customer needs.
  • With digital experience data visualizations, Session Replay, and intuitive dashboards, gain insight into how UX, product pricing and content choices impact visitor behavior and your KPIs.

Answer questions without dependence of tagging configuration

Contentsquare captures dynamic content interactions automatically so you can later decide what to analyze and prioritize — all without depending on event tags being preplanned and configured.

With the industry's first cookie-less digital experience platform, learn why your customers interact with certain pages and bounce from others.

Automatically surface insights to create successful customer journeys

Contentsquare’s frustration scoring helps pinpoint the user sessions where the customer’s journey experienced the most significant issues. 

  • See the root causes highlighted in Session Replay event stream as their journey unfolds. 
  • Quantify which actions are common vs. issues affecting your unique brand

Seamless integration into your current tech stack.

Browse all of our Integrations and API connections

Everyone’s tech stack is unique. When it comes to analytics capabilities, integrations can become complicated.

Contentsquare integrates seamlessly with all major analytics technologies and visualization suites, allowing you to bring the best insights that your company values such as web analytics, A/B testing, Voice of Customer, APM, BI tools, and many more

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Powerful yet intuitive analytics for Digital Marketing Teams

Contentsquare helps you make sense of visitor behaviors for all teams involved. From design/UX to operations and analytics teams, develop a plan of action to improve conversion, increase traffic, improve content consumption, & personalize the customer journey map.

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