AI Analytics and Automatic Insights for Analytics Teams

Surface high-fidelity insights faster and quantify the impact of those
insights on your business. Empower your team with rich visualizations to
help answer the questions internal stakeholders are asking.

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Answer the questions that keep you awake at night:

  • How can I make it easier to identify and action on-site issues?

  • Why are customers abandoning journeys?

  • How can I quantify the value of content elements?

  • How can I provide more proactive insights to help us win?

Understand customer behavior behind digital metrics

Capture every in-page interaction and micro-gesture to understand the how and why behind traditional click metrics. Use these behavioral insights to design experiences that boost loyalty and conversion unique to your brand. With intuitive visualizations and dashboards, gain insight into how UX, product, pricing and content choices impact visitor behavior and your KPIs.

Answer questions without relying on tags

Capture interactions automatically so you can decide what to analyze and prioritize at any time, and answer questions on data retroactively — all without depending on tags being configured ahead of time. 

Automatically surface insights to create successful customer journeys

Get a custom view of the metrics you and your team care about most for specific items of content that you want to monitor. Set AI alerts for certain KPIs related to your content which will notify you when they change dramatically.

"We rely most on Contentsquare's ability to analyze everything retrospectivelty. The security that any part of our website or a campaign is covered; the reliability to go back and ask a dozen different questions in a dozen different ways, without the need for upfront planning, allows the investigative nature of our analyses to be always on point.”

Ben Stephens

Senior Manager, Digital and Performance Analytics

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