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Insightful analytics for smarter product development

Contentsquare helps product teams find "aha!" moments by unlocking the full picture of user behavior. Ship better products that maximize engagement and growth.

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Make decisions based on data, not opinions or hunches.

  • Which backlog item will move the needle?

  • Which journeys do my top users follow?

  • What friction and errors impact my product the most?

  • How are users engaging with content elements on my product?

Deep-dive into user journeys like never before

See how visitors progress through your product, page by page, from entry to exit. Learn from your top users and understand why some users take unexpected journeys.

Use advanced segmentation to make better decisions

Slice and dice your analyses with endless segmentation options. Leverage third-party data from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and dozens more. Prioritize innovations and engage development teams with incisive insights.

Fix the most impactful issues first — and faster

Contentsquare helps you identify frustrations and errors, but doesn't stop there. Our machine learning then prioritizes issues by their business impact, helping your team to manage its backlog intelligently and minimize revenue loss.

Get actionable insights to guide your app strategy

Easy to install and built for fast performance, Contentsquare’s app analytics helps you streamline your app, reduce costs and create a seamless experience that keeps users coming back again and again.

"Contentsquare is the perfect ally for working on UX. It not only allows us to better understand areas of our site that are confusing users but also allows us to study the right way to address problems."

Raphael Bonstein

Head of Product & Experience

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