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Insightful product analytics for smarter development

Contentsquare helps product teams find the "aha!" moments by unlocking the user journey. See how users engage with your content, where they click, scroll, and encounter obstacles. Provide clear guidance for teams on where to focus on improvements to the customer experience.

Deep-dive into user journeys like never before

See how visitors progress through your product, where they click without needing to pre-plan any event tags. Understand why some users take unexpected journeys. Compare A/B test experiences side-by-side. Use the collected data to optimize your customer journey.

Prioritize product requirements and manage your backlog based on business justification

Prioritize product enhancements and new innovations based on input such as frustrations, errors, and slow performance. Our machine learning then prioritizes issues based on business impact, including revenue and conversion. Manage your backlog pro-actively based on clear data, not reactively based on best guesses.

Get actionable insights to guide your app strategy

Easy to install and built for fast performance, Contentsquare’s app analytics helps you streamline your app, reduce costs and create a seamless experience that keeps users coming back again and again. Combine intuitive Journey and Zone-based heatmap visuals with powerful session replay to uncover the behaviors leading up to crashes, errors, and feedback.

Use your full tech stack to make better decisions.

Browse all of our Integrations and API connections

With endless segmentation options, leverage third-party data from Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and many other platforms.

Prioritize innovations and engage development teams with incisive insights that include data from your entire tech stack.

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