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Using Behavioral Insights to Boost Revenue by 13%


The digital team at Moss Bros noticed visitors were dropping off between product pages and the checkout.


Using Contentsquare's page comparator tool, Moss Bros. saw the scroll rate on their product pages wasn’t as high as other pages on the site.

They then used Contentsquare's zone-based heatmaps to notice that visitors who interacted with reviews and recommended products on the product page were more likely to convert.


Through Dynamic Yield, Moss Bros’ testing platform, they built a tabbed approach, ensuring that customers could see the product description, reviews, and recommended products just below the fold. This led to a +14% increase in progression from product page to basket, a +13% increase in conversion, and a +13% increase in revenue.

“Contentsquare drives benefits straight to the bottom line. It’s widely adopted across our entire digital team, from UX to digital acquisition to optimization and merchandising, allowing them to easily identify and eliminate points of friction. It allows us to be nimble and drive changes onto our site which are directly benefiting our customers.”

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