Blibli x Contentsquare

How Blibli used Contentsquare on their campaign pages to generate an additional $11.6K revenue in just 1 day

The company

Established in 2011, Blibli has since grown to become Indonesia’s largest eCommerce platform, fulfilling a gamut of needs ranging from daily staples, travel, lifestyle, electronic goods, household furniture and utility bills.

Available on both web and app, it goes without saying that offering users a seamless online experience and helping them to navigate a host of products and services is crucial to driving conversion.

Watch the video to learn how Contentsquare helps Maulvi tackle these challenges. 

Meet Maulvi Wibowo, AVP Digital Content Marketing Promotion

Overseeing the homepage and promotion pages is no easy feat. It becomes even harder when you’re tasked to optimize promotion campaigns to ensure they deliver as much impact as possible on Blibli’s North Star metrics: customer acquisition and converting existing customers, order, revenue and click-through rates, to name a few. 

As such, understanding the customer journey after they land on these key pages becomes crucial to deliver personalized content and promotions that convert. 

Meet Edward Tjahjadi, Campaign Operations Officer

From maintaining sections on Blibli’s homepage and promotion pages to overseeing a team that executes and assesses the performance of all major campaigns, Edward’s day-to-day involves processing and understanding a ton of data.  

In this video, he discusses how Contentsquare validates hypotheses and enables his team to make data-driven decisions. He also shares his favourite tools, and how Contentsquare helps facilitate alignment between his team and the tech team. 

Optimizing content exposure to reduce bounce

For Blibli, their monthly Double Day campaigns are important, but the ones held during the last quarter of the year (October; 10.10, November; 11.11 and December; 12.12) are paramount. 

Insight #1

Using Contentsquare, Edward’s team noticed high bounce rates on their 11.11 campaign, specifically visitors acquired from paid channels such as Youtube and Facebook.

The team hypothesized that these users were attracted by the brand deals advertised on these channels, but as they were not immediately presented these deals upon landing on Blibli, they would bounce.

To optimize their 12.12 campaign, the team moved the brand deals section above the fold and featured it more prominently. 

Bounce rates were reduced by -6%, and exposure increased by +226%. 

Optimizing UI to reduce drop offs

Metric: Exposure Rate

Insight #2

During 11.11, only 50% of users who viewed the page would see the “voucher’ section.

The team pushed the voucher section above the fold, and changed it from a 3 column to 2 column layout. 

Exposure rate increased by +53%.

Metric: Click Rate

Insight #3

The team noticed a low click rate (under 1%) on the ‘Flash deal’ component shown immediately after the voucher section. 


They replaced the ‘Flash deal’ component with a banner that redirected users to a dedicated page. 


Click rate increased by +60%.

The results

Little changes can lead to big results. Just by implementing these simple tweaks, Blibli generated an additional USD $11.6K revenue in just 1 day

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