Calzedonia x Contentsquare

How Calzedonia saved $20K per year by removing under-performing content from the homepage

The Company

Calzedonia Group is an Italian fashion brand with over 5,000 shops in 55 countries worldwide from Milan and Paris to Hong Kong and Dubai.

The group owns well-known high-street brands including Intimissimi, Falconeri and SignorVino.

Using Zone-Based Heatmaps, the sales team analyzed the performance of the homepage widgets, diving deeper into advanced behavior metrics such as exposure rate, click-through rate and attractiveness rate.

Contentsquare uncovered that there were two homepage widgets that were underperforming in terms of engagement rate. Visitors simply weren’t engaging with the widgets, suggesting that maintaining the widgets was causing far more hassle than the widgets were actually worth. 

Armed with this insight, they decided to launch an A/B test to see whether removing the two unengaged widgets improved the performance of the homepage. 

The Challenge

For the Falconeri sales team, the constant need to update the widgets on their homepage with new content was a big frustration. Maintenance costs were high, with weekly homepage updates taking up much time and effort for the team. They were regularly spending over 14 hours per week updating the widgets and an additional two hours per week troubleshooting widget errors. 

To streamline activity and better optimize their weekly workload, the team turned to Contentquare to:

  • Identify which content was and wasn’t performing
  • Reduce the need for time-intensive manual maintenance of the homepage widgets

Contentsquare helps our decision-making process. It provides a common source of truth for all our teams, allowing us to make the right decisions and achieve the company's objectives. With Contentsquare, we can understand how users interact with a page, how they navigate, what their real interests are and what encourages or discourages them to continue their journey on the site."

Cristina Martinelli

User Experience Manager

The Results

Removing these two underperforming widgets meant the amount of manual work needed to maintain the homepage widgets was hugely reduced, freeing up time for the sales team to focus on other revenue-driving activities. In addition to this, the team gained: 

  • Projected savings of $20K per year
  • 14 hours of manual widget maintenance saved per week
  • 2 hours of error handling saved per week
  • Removal of 5-6 bugs per week

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