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How Contentsquare is helping Atlantis Dubai ensure a world-class digital guest experience

The company

Atlantis Dubai is a leader in the travel and hospitality industry with its iconic destination, including two world-class resorts, Atlantis The Royal and Atlantis The Palm, and the world’s biggest waterpark, Aquaventure. With the region’s most awarded Michelin stars in one destination, it’s also considered one of Dubai’s premier dining destinations.

“We aim to deliver extraordinary experiences to all our guests,” says Declan Kilcourse, Marketing Director at Atlantis Dubai. “Whether you’re staying in one of our underwater suites at The Palm, one of our Sky Pool Villas at The Royal or trying some of our record-breaking slides at Aquaventure—it’s about creating unique experiences you can’t get anywhere else, all in one destination.”

Understanding who your customers are and why they’re coming to your site will help you ensure you meet their expectations and provide the best possible digital experience."
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Declan Kilcourse

Marketing Director Digital and CRM

The challenge

The team at Atlantis Dubai started 2023 with a bang, launching their second resort Atlantis The Royal, in February.

Opening a new hotel is no small feat and for Declan’s digital team it meant refining their digital strategy and managing a brand new website. All three websites live under the same domain,, which has made “understanding website users and their digital journeys challenging,” says Declan.

The team lacked the data-driven insights to grasp how their users navigate and interact across their different websites. “This is why we turned to Contentsquare,” says Declan.

3. Session Replay was a big draw for his team: “Being able to jump into a replay of this session that a user has taken adds more context to certain questions that you might have about what’s happening.”

4. The scalability of the Contentsquare platform. “The capability is there to get granular, detailed data, but you can also stay on a surface level to get a bird’s eye view,” shares Declan. The Atlantis team have been able to create custom dashboards and funnels, which in his words, “was something that we couldn’t get as easily in the other analytics tools that we were using”.

The solution

Declan highlights how easy the data visualizations in the Contentsquare platform make it to understand data insights. He points out four features that have impressed the digital team the most about Contentsquare:

  1. The signature sunburst visualization in Customer Journey Analysis provides helpful insights into how their users navigate their websites and allows his team to “dig deeper into their digital journeys”.
  2. Zone-Based Heatmaps, that reveal how users interact with each site element. “It isn’t just a standard heatmap that shows you somebody scrolling through your website,” says Declan. “There’s so many different filters and metrics that can be applied that provide powerful insights”.

We’re thrilled with the Contentsquare platform and their customer success team. They’re very engaged and active with us—they’re always sending us use cases, helping us get the most out of the platform. Plus, they’re friendly, engaging and easy to work with"
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Declan Kilcourse

Marketing Director Digital and CRM

“We can drill down into the date, channel, source and page and watch the users’ session on replay to find the root of the problem,” explains Sylvana.

This detailed insight allows them to personalize the journey for each user segment. “We can segment users landing on our site from a specific campaign and then test, optimize and personalize their journey,” says Sylvana. “Contentsquare shows us if our test results are positive or negative, helping us continuously enhance our guests’ digital experiences across our website.”

The solution

Insights into their digital guest experience

“Our website is our brand’s digital front door,” says Sylvana. “We want our guests to have a seamless journey across all our digital touchpoints.”

Sylvana highlights that with a platform like Contentsquare, they can pinpoint friction in those journeys, understand why it’s happening and take immediate action. “We’re able to make it effortless for guests to finalize whatever they need to across our websites,” she says.

Not only does Contentsquare allow the digital team to find the cause of an issue or error, but it allows them to segment different audiences.

The solution

Understanding user behavior across sites

Declan shares how after launching their second resort, Atlantis The Royal, the team wanted to understand whether users behaved differently across their sites.

Using Contentsquare, they were able to discover:

  • How guests interact between the different sites.
  • Whether guests search for potential availability to stay in both properties.
  • How guests search for availability in their new hotel.
  • How guests explore Waterpark offers and F&B options.

“It was fascinating understanding the steps guests take as they explore our destination landing page ,” says Declan.

Digital Experience Analytics is also helping align the digital team at Atlantis Dubai around the same data insights.

“All the data analysis we do is shared with the brand team and other business units to ensure that we are collaborating and making the right decisions when it comes to making changes to the website.” 

The results

"Contentsquare has changed how our team works on our website and how we optimize content by delivering valuable insights into how users are converting. It enables us to make well-informed decisions and, ultimately, elevates the website impact across different goals—whether it’s conversions or brand awareness," says Sylvana. 

Contentsquare has changed how our team works on our website and how we optimize content by delivering valuable insights into how users are converting. It enables us to make well-informed decisions and, ultimately, elevates the website impact across different goals—whether it’s conversions or brand awareness."
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Sylvana Maalouf.

Digital Marketing Manager

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