Training & Certification

Today, 12,000 people (and counting!) rely on Contentsquare for creating better experiences. How do we get all of these teams up and running? Easy. Our training & certification program guarantees a rapid path from kickoff to implementation, through product education and value-based training built around your own use cases.

Rapid path to autonomy, adoption, and ROI

  • Value-based training programs using your own data and use cases make onboarding real 
  • Proven practices based on our experience of  tons of clients who have become power users

Multi-channel training that puts your needs first

  • In-person training with real-time reactivity to your needs and expectations
  • Self-training support your own pace thanks to our eLearning environment
  • Regular check-ins with your Customer Success Manager

Make the shift to a data-driven CX culture

  • Boost digital team productivity by empowering all collaborators to measure their contribution to experience and outcomes
  • Co-create an analysis priorities roadmap for your first year by mapping your business priorities to Contentsquare’s identification of your top experience gaps
  • Leverage our train the trainer approach by utilizing our e-Learning environment to share knowledge across the team

Get certified

  • Contentsquare University gives you access to recorded and live instructor-led programs to train and enable your teams
  • Use our certification program to track your team’s training progress and measure user proficiency
“One thing I really enjoy about Contentsquare: the customer success side of things is really strong. They get people involved, they get you trained right away, they walk you through the platform and they show you everything you need to understand about the tool in order to make it work for you.”

Brandon Smith

Interaction Designer

Empower your team to create better experiences

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