How New Look increased conversions by 19% with user-generated content

The Context

Faith Dallas, Test and Target Specialist at New Look, was looking to experiment with user-generated content (UGC). She knew UGC got high engagement on other areas of the site, so she wanted to understand the impact of adding it to product pages, too.

An example of New Look's user-generated content in-situ

The Action

The team at New Look decided to run an A/B test. In the test, they exposed users to UGC on both the PLP and the PDP, replacing the first image in the carousel with UGC in both instances.

Thanks to Contentsquare, the team had access to advanced behavioral insights (such as click rate and conversion rate of specific elements on-site) so they could see the real-time impact their updates were having on online customer behavior. 

Zone-Based Heatmaps highlighted the improved click-rate of pages containing UGC.

The Results

Pages with UGC saw a marked improvement in performance. Contentsquare insights showed that:

  • The number of users reaching a PDP increased by 23%, indicating the new images were driving users to click through to product pages.
  • Overall product conversion increased by 19%, proving the images were helping users to purchase, too.
  • Topline incremental uplift on revenue was +5.5% over a week.

What's more, Faith estimated the potential revenue uplift when using UGC imagery on more products throughout the site was as high as 98%.

Contentsquare helped us look at the results in a much more visual way and also understand the customer journey as a whole."
New look

Faith Dallas

Test & Target Specialist
New Look

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