website metrics displays key metrics for the user journey on a website.

Contentsquare for Travel & Hospitality

It’s the journey, not the destination.

Few industries have been more heavily impacted from constant market disruptions as the travel and hospitality industry. The one constant is digital as the central channel through which travelers discover, engage and book experiences.

With Contentsquare for Travel & Hospitality companies can move quickly to deliver faster growth and customer happiness.

Improve bookings and boost ancillary upsells and cross-sells

Understand how the post-pandemic customer navigates to and through your online booking experience. Discover the UX challenges they face, why these issues happen, the quality of the post-booking ancillary upsell and cross-sells, and maximize your potential to turn a visitor into a paying customer.

Deliver a guest experience that delights

Meet the needs and expectations of travelers by providing the best possible guest experience. Visualize how travelers are navigating your guest experience workflows and where they experience challenges, drop off, or respond favorably.

Use our advanced behavioral insights to understand and optimize the in-app experience; find out whether customers can easily make changes to their booking and discover and book new services.

Operate more efficiently with seamless travel experiences

Travelers expect a seamless experience, free of errors and quick to meet their needs, whether they are doing an initial booking or traveling to their destination. Understanding what problems travelers are experiencing allows you to meet their expectations and recover any potential lost revenue.

Contentsquare enables you to paint a full picture of digital performance, to understand root cause and prioritize improvements.

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