Driving +30% conversion on Black Friday landing pages

On Tuesday 19th November, Lovehoney pushed their two main Black Friday landing pages — Black Friday and Sex Toy Deals — live.



On Friday 22nd November, Lovehoney used Contentsquare’s Journey Analysis to carry out an early assessment of performance.

They discovered that fewer than 12% of users were seeing 4 list pages, and less than 24% were getting straight to the PDP — and 12.5% were exiting the site directly

Customer Journey Analysis showed many users seeing multiple list pages, and many exiting straight away

Users were heading straight to view sex toy deals, but evidently couldn’t find what they wanted.

Conversion Rate Per Click was 13.5% on the sort and filters buttons, but just 11.8% on the pagination buttons — indicating users that filtered results were more likely to to convert. But Click Rate on the sort and filter buttons was low, highlighting a missed opportunity


On Tuesday 26th November, Lovehoney acted. They pulled the three main categories out of the filters dropdown and onto the page itself, so users could click right away.


Not only did they see a huge uptick in the number of users interacting with the filters, they also saw a 30% increase in on-page conversions, a 20% reduction in exit rate and a 17% reduction in bounce rate.

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