How fixing two minor UX errors saved The Conran Shop over £70K in just two months

The Company

The Conran Shop is an iconic British retail brand best known for its uber stylish furniture and lighting products, devotion to innovative design, and a website that mimics its inimitable streamlined shop floor style. Unsurprisingly, understanding customer behavior and delivering the best shopping experience is paramount to the digital team.

The Problem

However, to make informed decisions about improving their digital experience, the team needed more data than their analytics tools could provide. “Like many organizations, we relied on Google Analytics,” says Emma Hamilton, Web Development Manager at The Conran Shop. “But we also came up against dead ends.”

And so the team turned to Contentsquare’s digital experience analytics solution to fill in the gaps.

Before onboarding, we had no way of finding out how customers were behaving on our website or of understanding the customer journey."

Tolu Arogundade

eCommerce Trading Manager at The Conran Shop

The Solution

Emma outlines two UX cases that resulted in significant financial savings for the company. Both of which came from seemingly minor fixes.

1. Resolving sign-up vs. checkout confusion

One key priority was investigating how the newsletter sign-up box (visible in the footer of every page on the site) affected the conversion rate.

Emma’s team used Contentsquare to create a segment of customers who weren’t completing their shopping journey and followed this up with analysis in Zone-Based Heatmaps and Session Replay.

Through this process, they identified that many customers on the checkout page were confused by the CTA to sign up for the newsletter, clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button instead and abandoning their shopping journey. To resolve this, Emma launched an A/B test which hid the footer CTA for customers at checkout.

The Results 

“Within two months, this delivered a revenue uplift of £43K; a huge impact for a seemingly small finding!” says Emma.

2. Fixing a JavaScript error on the cart page

The Conran Shop then used Find & Fix to identify technical errors causing potential revenue loss.“This was about digging into problems that may go unnoticed in day-to-day testing. One key success was the JavaScript error detected in our cart page, preventing visitors from removing items from their basket,” says Emma. “Using Session Replay, we immediately visualized the issue which showed friction when visitors removed items from the basket.”  

Emma’s team then used Impact Quantification to bring customer struggles to the surface, quantify the impact, and proactively recover revenue. Through this investigation, the team discovered that users who saw this error were primarily on mobile devices, specifically the iOS platform. 

The Results

“After 16 days, this small fix saved us £1.2K. This amounts to an annual saving of over £27k, showing the benefits of resolving an error which could easily have gone unnoticed for much longer,” concludes Emma.

“Our top three takeaways from our partnership with Contentsquare have certainly been the depth of data, proactive troubleshooting, and consistent community and support.”

- Tolu Arogundade, eCommerce Trading Manager - The Conran Shop

The Conran Shop x Contentsquare

A projected £70K of savings in just two months.

Beyond advancing their analytical capabilities, The Conran Shop believes integrations and community have been fundamental value drivers of the Contentsquare partnership. For Emma, integrations with a wide range of partners (such as the company’s A/B testing platform, Optimizely) have helped them build a case around every experiment based on data rather than assumptions.