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Contentsquare for FINSERV

Create outstanding online experiences for FinServ customers

Contentsquare fuels digital transformation for financial service brands with intuitive, automated, and comprehensive analytics that every team can use to deliver better digital experiences.

Insights you can’t afford to miss

FinServ brands face higher competition and expectations than ever before. With Contentsquare, digital teams gain visibility into how customers are engaging with their digital products, across web, mobile and app experiences. What content attracts them? What points of friction cause them to abandon? What are your most profitable customer journeys?

“Customers have very high expectations, and rightly so. They're used to intuitive experiences like Uber, Uber Eats, Facebook, and Apple, which have become the benchmark for customer experience. The key to building a successful digital product or experience is keeping up with and exceeding these expectations.”

Freedom from tagging

Contentsquare’s software effortlessly breaks down elements on your site, no tagging required.

AI insights

Machine learning automatically prioritizes the errors that are costing you conversions.

Gain actionable insights about your customer experience

Conventional web analytics tools are hard to use and even harder to interpret. Contentsquare is painless to set up and accessible to all, complementing traditional analytics with automated insights that every digital team can use.

Find friction points that cost you conversions

When it comes to FinServ sign-up flows, calculators, and other interactive tools, even small tweaks can have a huge impact on revenue. Contentsquare equips digital teams with comprehensive insights to make smarter, data-driven decisions – and to make them quickly.

Discover and improve your critical customer journeys

Conventional analytics can make finding your most important customer journeys difficult. Contentsquare’s unique and highly visual customer journey analytics makes it easy to find the pathways that matter most to your business, so you can prioritize effectively.

Improve engagement and persuasion

Identify which content elements are most attractive to your potential customers and why, then make them more discoverable for improved acquisition.

Create a culture of data-driven decision making

Accelerate digital transformation

Contentsquare provides a full picture of your user experience and behavior, helping digital teams prioritize their biggest opportunities in seconds.

Empowered, Agile Teams

Break down silos and get crucial insights into the hands of your whole digital team – not just the analytics specialists.

Deliver great customer experiences

Use Contentsquare insights to build intuitive digital experiences that delight and convert FinServ customers.

“Contentsquare is at the heart of our decision-making process. Since its introduction to the bank, it’s rapidly become one of our key tools for prioritizing wins for the business and for the customer. Without it, we would have missed a lot of opportunities. It has more than paid its own way and I’m sure it will continue to do so.”


Supercharge your analytics with out-of-the-box integrations

Contentsquare integrates directly with 70+ leading tools, powering your systems with unique insight into your customer. We make your entire ecosystem smarter, giving you a greater return on your marketing tech stack investment.

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