Contentsquare for Financial Services

Make digital experiences your best asset.

The Financial Services industry has experienced rapid change the past several years, with digital experience accelerating in importance for how financial services companies differentiate and thrive.

With Contentsquare for Financial Services, banking, insurance, investment and fintech companies can put digital experiences at the center of their growth strategy.

New Financial Services Report

2023 Financial Services Digital Experience Benchmark Report

Get the data and insights to make every visit count

Improve the application process, product upsells and cross-sells

Understand how customers navigate to and through your quote and application pages to determine what leads to increased applications and what challenges they experience while applying.
  • Monitor the experience to detect where anomalies are to quickly eradicate frustrations.
  • Understand the quality of the user flows and what’s working and what’s not.
  • Maximize your potential to turn a visitor into a paying customer.

Optimize the post-login experience

Understand how logged-in customers navigate and respond to your digital experience. Understand if they can complete payments, conduct transfers, get quotes, file claims and perform other activities quickly. See where they experience challenges, drop off or respond favorably to help you build better relationships and experiences.

Connect the dots on digital performance

Assessing and reporting on how financial services digital experiences are performing are critical to success. Often times this information is scattered across different systems or hard to find.

Contentsquare enables you to connect the dots on digital performance, to understand root cause and prioritize improvements on site speed and performance, technical issues, product performance, adherence to compliance, assessing risk and managing customer feedback.

Case Study

Customer Journey Analysis in action

How Leeds Building Society used Customer Journey Analysis to improve conversion rate on key product pages by 80%.

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As a UX designer, Contentsquare is one of the most important tools I have to make design decisions. I base much of my design work on the data I get from Contentsquare and then also use it to test whether my pages are doing what I thought they would. I use Contentsquare every day and I’d be lost without it. Also, the support we get as a client is amazing. Morgane is so helpful and is a real asset to us at LBS."

Rosie Dent-Spargo

UX Designer
Leeds Building Society

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