How a data-driven site redesign led to +30% conversion site-wide

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Bar brain implants in all of our consumers I don’t think there’s any way we could get a better understanding of it."

Michel Tjoeng

Head of Digital & Customer Experience, De Beers Jewellers


In 2018, De Beers recognised the need for a full business transformation, the core of which was a complete rethink of their digital experience. Michel Tjoeng, Head of Digital & Customer Experience, and Katie Digean, Ecommerce Manager, were responsible for ensuring the stellar sales experience in-store was reflected online.


Before the launch, Michel and Katie knew that mobile conversion could be improved, and were keen to take a closer look at the mobile experience as a first priority. Using Zone-based Heatmaps, they noticed that the exposure rate on the PDP was unusual — a large percentage of customers would scroll all the way to the bottom, even though the Add to Bag CTA was at the top.

They hypothesised that users were simply not seeing the button.

When they tested a sticky CTA, they saw a 10% increase in conversion. They made sure this was included in the site launch.



In March 2020, they successfully launched their online experience with a unique ecommerce proposition — allowing customers to buy individual diamonds online from anywhere in the world.

As part of a small team, it was essential they were able to remain agile, reacting to customer behaviour on the new site and testing enhancements to drive additional revenue.

Katie used Journey Analysis to compare how jewellery and bridal customers navigated the site. She noticed that users navigating to engagement rings pages tended to navigate more pages on the site. Zone-based Heatmaps confirmed that segment spent a long time interacting with elements on the Engagement Rings page. She tested a pop-up to book an appointment in-store and saw 27% increase in conversion from those pages.

The Book an Appointment pop-up, shown lower left.


+30% conversion site-wide

+10% average product page conversion

+27% appointment requests from bridal product pages

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