Ocado x Contentsquare

How Contentsquare has helped Ocado Retail increase delivery slot bookings by +6.3%

The company

Ocado Retail is one of the UK’s leading digital-first online grocery businesses, responsible for Ocado.com and Ocado Zoom, its fast-growing, same-day grocery delivery service. 

Ocado Retail combines world-leading technology and logistics from Ocado Group and unrivaled product development from M&S to offer award-winning customer service. 

Having migrated from Fullstory to Contentsquare’s Digital Experience Analytics Platform, Claudene Scott, eCommerce and Digital Lead at Ocado Retail and her team began to think about how it could do more to leverage the platform’s capabilities. 

Key metrics

 +60% increase in average monthly Contentsquare users 
+6.3% increase in delivery slot bookings

The solution

After successfully onboarding Ocado Retail’s merchandising teams—including extensive use of Contentsquare University and its certification program—Ocado wanted to leverage the learnings from that success.

The company developed the concept of Contentsquare Month, a project comprising weekly challenges based on improving an Ocado webpage or customer journey using Contentsquare insights. 

As a result of this project, the eCommerce and the Trading teams gained a deeper understanding of how to use Contentsquare efficiently and effectively, helping them see significant and tangible benefits for the business, for example:

The challenge

Having implemented Contentsquare during the Covid pandemic, the eCommerce and Trading teams had only used the platform to solve specific perceived issues on an ad hoc basis.

Claudene and her team decided they needed to get a more detailed picture of customer journeys while also integrating Contentsquare across the business to help foster a more data-driven decision-making culture.

To achieve this, the teams wanted to cultivate a test-and-learn mindset across the whole Ocado Retail business, allowing them to make decisions at pace, measure the impact of those decisions and then iterate again. 

We knew that embedding Contentsquare as an integral tool in our trading rhythm was a key driver in achieving our goals. In order to do that, we needed to drive engagement and adoption up across our whole team in a sustainable way."

Claudene Scott

eCommerce and Digital Lead, Ocado Retail

Zone-based heatmap analysis on Ocado's landing page showing click rate on desktop and mobile devices

1. Christmas campaign page optimization

Ocado launched its Christmas promotional page, “Christmas Wondermarket” showcasing high-quality images of its range of festive foods to create desire.

A quick analysis in Contentsquare Live revealed that 0.76% of desktop users and 1.24% of mobile users on the Christmas Wondermarket page were clicking on the large, unclickable hero image. Mobile users were getting frustrated and exiting the page, and scroll depth across devices was low.

Contentsquare insights highlighted that by removing the hero image, the product tiles would sit above the page fold making it easier for users to find the products they’re looking for.


A/B test with and without the hero banner of Ocado's Christmas campaign landing page

The team then ran an A/B test with a variation of the page without the hero banner, which validated that removing the banner would have no impact on order conversion but would have a positive uplift on secondary metrics. 

This led the team to simplify the page with a smaller hero image, removing category tiles and using only product tiles improving product visibility. 

Customer Journey Analysis of the Christmas campaign landing page

Digging deeper into Customer Journey Analysis, the team noticed that 9.3% of customers on the Christmas page came from event landing pages.

To capitalize on this traffic, the team added a top offers promotional banner to Ocado’s most trafficked event landing pages. 

By doing this, the team increased the amount of visitors clicking through to the Christmas WonderMarket from the landing page from 9.3% to 11%. 

Ocado's homepage before and after the redesign

2. Boosting delivery slot bookings by 6.3%

Using Contentsquare to analyze traffic and user behavior on the Ocado.com homepage, the team discovered that the page had: 

  • Low engagement on the delivery slot booking CTA
  • Low interaction on the promotions carousel and product selection
  • User frustration with un-clickable elements 
  • High exit rate

New visitors had trouble finding what they needed or working out what actions to take. Qualitative VoC data from customers validated issues with the Ocado.com homepage. 

This resulted in a homepage redesign to make it simpler with fewer options. By prioritizing the most valuable CTA—delivery slot bookings—the team saw a significant boost in bookings and registrations from new visitors.

Booking a slot first is really key to a good customer experience for us. So simplifying the page, taking away prices, product promotions, and fancy images of food actually made the page less overwhelming and way more successful for the customer."

Claudene Scott

eCommerce and Digital Lead, Ocado Retail

The results

As a result of its Contentsquare Month onboarding project, Ocado Retail achieved great results: 

  • +60% more Contentsquare monthly users across the business in just eight months
  • +18.3 increase in traffic from event pages to the Christmas Wondermarket 
  • +6.1% increase in user registrations on the homepage 
  • +6.3% increase in delivery slot bookings on the homepage. 

The ability to make data-driven decisions at pace is really important for success. I could spend all day in Tableau and not come up with an answer when that can be found very simply and quickly within Contentsquare."

Claudene Scott, eCommerce and Digital Lead, Ocado Retail.

Digital Analytics Manager, Harrods

The key next step for us is increasing adoption of Contentsquare across the wider business and to enable our creative and marketing teams to gain relevant insight and self-serve.” 

- Claudene Scott, eCommerce & Digital Lead, Ocado Retail

What's Next

Having experienced multiple benefits from using Contentsquare since onboarding, Ocado is continuing its data democratization initiative by introducing Contentsquare to the wider business (starting with the Creative and Social teams) and enabling those teams to self-serve with dashboards.

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