Feedback Collection

Collect ongoing feedback for continuous discovery

Get feedback at every step of the user journey. Collect new ideas, find bugs fast, and polish product releases with confidence.

Always-on feedback collection

Capture in-context feedback and fix problems fast

Add a Feedback Button anywhere on your site. Learn what users love, what frustrates them, and what to work on next.

  • Choose from 40+ languages and customize the text, logo and color of the Feedback Button
  • Auto-capture screenshots to see what was happening when the user left feedback
  • Integrate with Jira, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more to notify your team instantly

Most common use cases

Start making user-led decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The feedback button helps hear from users at every step of their journey so you can spot issues early on, discover new ideas, and continuously improve experiences on your site.

    Because the feedback button is always visible, your customers have a direct line to report issues and give suggestions. The result is often a continuous stream of useful insights that you can use to make improvements.

  • If you see negative feedback, you could first check out the auto-captured screenshot and watch the session replay of the respondent to get more context into the issue.

    Next, we recommend creating a segment of users who give negative feedback and applying that segment in Journey Analysis, Impact Quantification and Session Replays. This will let you quantify issues and understand where and how users encounter them.

    When users leave positive feedback and suggestions for improvement, this can spark inspiration on how to optimize your website. Create AI summary reports to pinpoint such recommendations, then create Jira, Asana, Linear, or Trello tickets directly from those responses to share them with your team.

  • Yes! There are several ways you can customize how and when users see the button:

    - Show the feedback button to users who have just completed a purchase
    - Show the feedback button to users who meet a specific average order value
    - Set the feedback button to appear on certain pages only
    - Limit the amount of users who see the feedback button

  • Yes, you can add your own logo, change the color of the button and the background, and change the button label.

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