Early Settler x Contentsquare

How optimizing home page content helped Early Settler realize 50K revenue uplift in just one month

The Company

Early Settler is one of Australia’s leading furniture and homeware stores, offering both in-store and online shopping experiences. They aim to help customers create a modern, stylish home they love returning to and stock a full range of products to outfit an entire home, from large furniture all the way to fittings.

Like many ecommerce brands, Black Friday is a crucial period during the year, and it’s paramount that their sales offerings are easily identified on their digital channels. 

The Insight

Shortly after the first release of their Black Friday campaign content on the homepage, the Early Settler and Contentsquare team conducted a review of their best performing content:

Observation #1 Using Zoning Analysis, the team identified that the “Shop Catalogue” tile (6.84%) is one of the least attractive tiles, despite being the most exposed. It also had the lowest Conversion Rate Per Tap, compared to the other less exposed tiles. 

Observation #2 Further, the less exposed tiles sitting way below the fold such as the Black Friday Favourites Product Carousel, Themes grid, Shop Now: Living and Offers were driving more revenue compared to the highly visible “Shop Catalogue” tile.

Using Impact Quantifcation, the team was able to show that the segment of users who interacted with the less exposed Black Friday Favourites Carousel demonstrated higher conversions, and more revenue than the segment of users who interacted with the “Shop Catalogue” tile.

The team showed using Impact Quantification in Contentsquare, that if 10% of users that previously clicked the “Shop Catalogue” tile interacted with the “Black Friday Favourites” carousel instead, it would generate Early Settler an additional AUD$2,079 in revenue in one week. 


  1. Consider trialling a re-arranged homepage which prioritizes exposure of more attractive and better-converting content tiles.
  2. Consider promoting better-performing content higher up the homepage. This allows higher exposure of content that Early Settler customers are more attracted to, increasing the opportunity to convert them.  

Through Contentsquare, we transformed our digital space, bringing hidden gems to light, removing our internal bias on content and ultimately driving revenue for Early Settler. It's more than just a platform; it's our roadmap to understanding customer behaviour, optimising content, and making every click count."

Dean Boudewyns

Head of Digital & Ecommerce

The Results

Content Refresh #1

After refreshing the “Black Friday Favourites” carousel visual to be more discernible, and moving the “Themes” grid higher up the page, Early Settler saw an increase in engagement, a decrease in bounce rates and more time spent on the page.

This resulted in an additional increase of AUD$9, 747 in revenue, in just 4 days.

But the team didn’t stop there.

The Results

Always testing, always optimizing

Early Settler replaced their hero banner with a new visual and saw a massive increase in engagement and revenue. The tiles below the new banner also performed much better than before.

Following the recommendations by Contentsquare team, Early Settler moved the well-performing Black Friday tile higher up the page, which resulted in a huge increase in revenue.

The Results

The Final Numbers

With the help of Contentsquare, Early Settler was able to surface these insights that secured an additional AUD$30-50K of revenue in just over 1 month after working Contentsquare into their weekly content reporting in Oct 2022.

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