Solutions for Operations & IT Teams

Uncover the root cause behind conversion blockers and proactively recover revenue

Uncover why you’re getting specific feedback, errors, and frustration on your digital properties, and quantify the impact on your top line. Align the team around a single version of the truth and come up with a quick way to solve issues to optimize website and app performance.

See individual customer sessions connected to survey feedback

  • Enable stakeholders to quickly and easily replay the steps leading up to specific feedback to understand the cause of customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
  • Find the underlying errors, frustrations, and website performance issues.
  • Easily quantify their impact across the entire customer base so you can separate outliers from the issues that really hurt the business.

Monitor the site for the biggest performance optimization opportunities

  • Benefit from both synthetic (i.e. lab test) speed analysis and real user monitoring data for the performance optimization of your website.
  • Identify opportunities for improving SEO and Core Web Vitals before new releases. Get specific insights for how to speed up pages.
  • Benchmark your speed to your competitors. Compare side-by-side to see how slow speeds derail the journeys of users that experience them.

Triage support escalations and align teams for effective resolution

  • Replay the specific affected sessions to recreate issues and understand whether the root cause are JS Errors, API Errors, functional errors, slow speeds, or simply UX frustrations.
  • Quantify the impact to prioritize which issues should be fixed most quickly.
  • File effective issue tickets to align the right teams to the issues that matter most.

Align insights with your tech stack and speed action across your ecosystem

Browse all of our Integrations and API connections

With its large integration set and API, you can use Contentsquare to garner deep insights and understand the context of the data you’re getting from your existing marketing ecosystem.

We integrate with all popular tools, including all major application performance monitoring, site optimization, VoC and analytics tools.

Bridge the data sets from every system to gain a comprehensive picture of your enterprise’s digital customer experience.

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