Surface struggle, quantify impact and proactively recover revenue

Uncover why you’re getting specific feedback, errors, and frustration on your digital properties, and quantify the impact on your top line. Align the team around a single version of the truth.

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Answer the questions that disrupt your day and your bottom line

  • Where are customers getting frustrated, and why?

  • How much are website errors costing us?

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    Who needs to fix the issues we identify?

  • Which visitor complaints represent the most common issues?

See individual customer sessions connected to survey feedback

Enable stakeholders to quickly and easily analyze the cause of customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction, as well as specific errors, metrics and trends such as checkout completions or removals, from the cart.

Align insights and speed action across your ecosystem

Uncover deep insights and understand the context of the data you’re getting from your existing marketing ecosystem, including all of your favorite application performance monitoring, optimization, VoC and analytics tools. Bridge the data sets from every system to gain a comprehensive picture of your enterprise’s digital customer experience.

Support peak and unpredictable traffic spikes with confidence

Our global network of consultants helps embed and scale usage of experience analytics across your organization through training, usage and adoption initiatives, as well as reporting and analysis, to ensure a single point of truth in understanding digital behavior. Our Peak Periods support options include on-site War Room services to ensure any issues that arise can be resolved quickly for maximum revenue recovery.

“We are working to train everyone at RBS so they can use the tools themselves and make changes to their specific areas or sections in real time. We are getting better at understanding data and where we can focus our knowledge and our capabilities. The key is to prioritize the right things to go after to really make a difference for our customers.”

Royal Bank of Scotland

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