City of Paris x Contentsquare

How Contentsquare is helping the City of Paris make data-driven decisions to optimize its user experience

The Challenge

To better understand its website user behavior, the City of Paris turned to Contentsquare’s Digital Experience Analytics Cloud for help. 

With its website being the primary source of information for users, the city’s communications department, responsible for monitoring, maintaining and updating website content, wanted to understand:

  • how its users navigate
  • engage with the site

home page de la ville de paris

Home page City of Paris

1. Creating a data-driven, user-centric culture

When implementing Contentsquare, the City’s communication department had three key objectives in mind:

  1. Optimizing content by understanding what type of content users were looking for. 
  2. Improving the UX design of pages by better understanding user journeys and prioritizing page structure 
  3. Moving from intuitive to data-driven decision-making

Since implementing Contentsquare, the tool has been widely adopted across teams. It has helped the communications department optimize website content and supported digital transformation throughout the organization. Contentsquare has enabled departments across the City of Paris to understand what frustrates users, identify areas of friction and improve the overall website user experience.

Analyse de la page dédiée aux JO 2024 grâce aux heatmaps

Zone-Based Heatmap analysis on the City of Paris 2024 Olympics landing page 

2. Use case: Olympic Summer Games Paris 2024

The challenge

In preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games, the City of Paris created a dedicated landing page. To ensure a seamless digital experience for users visiting the page, the city’s communications department decided to analyze engagement using Contentsquare.  

Using Contentsquare’s Zone-Based Heatmaps, the team noticed that users were engaging with the map section at the bottom of the page. The attractiveness rate of this section was surprisingly high at 20.5%. Despite it being below the fold, many users were clicking on the map of Paris after being exposed to it. With these insights, the team decided to move the section higher up the page to increase its exposure. 

The results

  • Higher click recurrence in the map section, and therefore better page performance.
  • Decrease in call volume to the dedicated event phone line. 

Tips from the City of Paris

Here are two tips from the City of Paris on how to make the most of the Contentsquare platform:

  1. Make sure you implement the solution at the early stages of your digital design projects.
  2. Make use of the training and support provided by Contentsquare’s team of experts. 

Contentsquare Customer Journey Analysis 

With a platform like Contentsquare, we’re able to test and validate our hypotheses. It has also helped our team upskill, prioritize our roadmap, set clear objectives and make user-centric decisions."

Pauline Pedemanaud

Pauline Pedemanuad, Digital and Content Manager at The City of Paris

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