Zenni x Contentsquare x Optimizely

How Zenni increased conversions by 3.5% and recovered $15M in revenue with homepage optimization

The Company

Zenni Optical is a direct-to-consumer eCommerce brand specializing in providing affordable prescription and non-prescription eyewear to consumers across the globe. Its Chief Technology Officer, David Ting, aims to bring new technologies and innovation to the online eyewear retailer to grow its market share and revenue as the optical industry continues to become more digitized. 

The Challenge

To drive growth and revenue through technology, David knew he needed to keep customers at the heart of his strategy. He aimed to improve market share against competitors and increase traffic to their digital properties. And to accomplish these goals, he needed to take a data-driven approach.

The first step was to dive into the website data to understand the customer better using an analytic platform like Contentsquare.

David and his team started with the customer journey: where were shoppers getting stuck in their purchase journey? What are some quick wins to remedy these frictions?

"Using Contentsquare and Optimizely together was key to our data-informed optimization strategy. Seeing where we needed to make changes based on user behavior with Contentsquare and then testing those changes using Optimizely made upgrading our homepage experience much faster and more efficient."

David Ting

CTO, Zenni Optical

Zenni’s homepage image before optimization

The Solution

Using Contentsquare to guide its homepage optimizations, Zenni elevated the CTA and value proposition, added a “trust banner,” adjusted the above-the-fold content and streamlined its navigation bar.

With about a million unique visitors on the site every day, David and his team knew the homepage experience was crucial to helping them achieve their goals.

The team suspected the homepage image was too large and was deterring visitors from further exploring the website. Using Zone-based Heatmaps, they could back up their hypotheses with data. The homepage image comprised 80% of the above-the-fold real estate but only had a 6% click-through rate.

This was causing the call-to-action to be too low, forcing shoppers to scroll down to learn more about the company.

Zenni’s homepage after optimization

Zenni wanted the homepage to guide visitors to the next intended action, browsing the categories. Using Optimizely and Contentsquare to test a few menu variations, they learned that increasing the size of the category options in the navigation bar and adding a ‘trust banner’ was crucial to increasing activity and getting visitors to their product landing and description pages.

We found that the trust banner was extremely important through the experimentation. We are an award-winning brand, so we showcased that right up front, where everyone can see. Then we added our ratings and number of reviews. This was critical because it came down to trust. You want to build that trust right from the get-go through the homepage navigation.”

—David Ting, CTO, Zenni Optical

The Results

After optimization, Zenni increased the homepage click-through rate from 6% to 15%, a 150% increase.

The homepage changes also increased the average conversion rate by 3.5%, equating to $15M in revenue—in just three months. 

Today, David and his team continue to prioritize data-driven decision-making and using all the tools and technologies at their disposal. Zenni strives to create the best customer experience and drive company growth through its digital properties.

“Every detail matters. When you go through your site page by page, write down anything that bothers you. When you test these small things and take a data-driven approach to optimization, you'll find that there's a lot of saving in the details. It’s all about trying to make a frictionless purchase experience for your customers."

David Ting

CTO, Zenni Optical

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