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Rakuten, an eCommerce company that lets customers earn cashback as they shop, noticed that 11.3% of visitors were viewing their shopping cart page. Unfortunately, they didn't see the conversion rates they expected on the page. The team wanted to learn why users weren't adding items to their carts, remove any customer frustration, and streamline user journeys on the cart page.

"At Rakuten, we aim to offer a smooth and simple experience for our users. Contentsquare enabled our product and front-end design teams to detect that our shopping cart page was confusing visitors."


The Rakuten team kicked off their cart page analysis by looking at the in-page behavior of two user segments: new visitors and returning customers.

For returning customers, the cart page was a central point of their navigation behavior. On the other hand, new users had higher scroll rates and were spending a longer time on the cart page, suggesting they had trouble understanding the page. Across both user segments, all non-buyers were spending 15 seconds longer on the page than converting users. 

The team had a hunch that having a long, one-step checkout process on a single page was overwhelming customers and, ultimately, costing the company valuable sales.


The Rakuten team used customer behavior data from Contentsquare to rethink the design of their cart page. Instead of one long checkout page, the company split the checkout process into four quick steps: initiate checkout, shipping, payment, and order confirmation. Adding multiple steps helped customers better understand their options and purchase with confidence. Ultimately, the conversion rate between initiating the checkout process and progressing to the shipping step increased by 10%.

"Contentsquare is the perfect ally for working on UX. It not only allows us to better understand areas of our site that are confusing users but also allows us to study the right way to address problems."

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