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How Space NK increased checkout conversion by 30%

They turned to Contentsquare to answering three key questions that traditional analytics couldn't:

1. How does content influence a visit?
2. How can we easily visualize how visitors flow through our site?
3. How do we go beyond understanding what visitors do to understand why?



When we approached Contentsquare we had three key questions that we were unable to answer, each satisfying a business case in of themselves; how can we easily visualise how visitors flow through our sites, how does content influence a visit, and how do we go beyond understanding what visitors do to understand why they behave the way they do?

Contentsquare’s technology answered all three and showed us further opportunities we hadn’t yet considered."

Sara Cohen

Trading Director, Space NK


The Space NK team used Contentsquare to discover that the add to bag rate for users who click on product reviews is 28.8%, compared to 12.6% for those who don’t. Yet on average, only 6.88% of product page visitors are engaging with the review stars. 


The goal was to increase interactions with Review Stars on the PDP and improve the Add to Bag rate. The primary metric they used to measure success was the click rate on review stars at top of the PDP.

Space NK hypothesized that getting more customers to read reviews would increase conversion and revenue.


Space NK tested two variations which emphasized the color and styling of the product review stars and CTA around it.

1. Variation one left the stars black, showed the average rating and number of reviews, and allowed visitors to quickly write a review of the product.

2. Variation two changed the color of the stars to yellow and updated the CTA copy to include the number of customer reviews, providing a clearer contextual CTA.

I’ve never come across a tool that does everything that Contentsquare does. In my previous jobs, you had to cobble together data and insights from lots of different places. It’s great to be able to go to Contentsquare and have it give you a full range of insights."

Eleanor Middleton

Digital Production Manager, Space NK


Variation two encouraged more visitors to click on review stars and interact with customer reviews. This ultimately increased conversion by 30%.

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