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Everyone is unique. Know what makes them click.

Our lives today are digital. But despite this, many online experiences still fail to deliver the intuitive, human interaction we’re used to offline.

Contentsquare unlocks the power to know —with near certainty—what your customers want and need as they engage with your business online. Our digital experience analytics platform turns insights into actions, empowering you to deliver more human experiences online.

What makes us unique

Enabling understanding, action and trust — at scale

Understanding. Get actionable insight into your customers’ behaviors, feelings and intent at every touchpoint in their journey. Unique behavioral metrics give your teams a full picture of your customer experience. 

Action. Make smart decisions fast with highly visual insights that anyone can access or understand. Our AI engine helps you surface your biggest opportunities and prioritize actions.

Trust. Accelerate your journey to digital accessibility and build trust with customers through personalized experiences that respect your customers’ right to privacy. 

What makes you thrive

More customer happiness, greater agility and faster growth

Understand how your customers navigate your website or app and why. Discover what delights them and what’s getting in the way of their experience. 

Our insights help you identify friction along the customer journey before it impacts your bottom line and surface new opportunities to improve the experience faster than your competitors. 

Go from customer-centric to customer-driven increasing customer happiness while growing revenue. 

Future-proofing the customer experience

Future-proofing the customer experience

We live in a time of constant change. Digital disruption means companies must continually evolve and innovate to meet customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition. And customers expect great experiences every time.

That leaves no time for hindsight or guesswork. Our platform lets you instantly understand why experiences work (or don’t) and how to optimize the customer journey quickly and intelligently.

Move beyond traditional analytics to give your businesses transformative insights everyone can use to win at customer experience and drive business impact.

Discover the power of Digital Experience Analytics

  • Case Study

    How advanced customer behavior data helped Harrods reduce cart abandonment by 8%

    Using Contentsquare CS Insights to surface issues and Session Replay to better understand the why behind these errors read how Harrods was able to optimize site checkout journey reduce cart abandonment by 8%.

  • News

    Contentsquare closes $600M growth investment round led by Sixth Street

    The capital will scale investments in innovation, support long-term growth in key markets, expand to new territories and deliver greater impact in areas where it can really make a difference, including digital accessibility, privacy & sustainability.

  • Press

    A Q&A with Mark Adams at VICE on driving digital innovation

    Since joining the company as VP of Innovation, Mark Adams has helped drive transformation and diversification at VICE. Read more from him on all things customer experience and digital innovation.

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