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Contentsquare acquires Heap, unlocking a new era of customer insights.

Product analytics image showing how to understand user journeys over time and across web and app

Product Analytics

Improve retention & loyalty

Understand multi-session user journeys across your websites, apps, and other branded experiences to drive better conversion and retention over time.

Benefits of Product Analytics

  • session replay

    Replay to understand

    See exactly what needs fixing and where

  • icon module mapping

    Build better features

    Identify success factors and pains, and know what to improve

  • icon data

    Increase customer lifetime value

    Discover what makes customers come back

  • icon journey analysis

    Improve end-to-end journeys

    Get the full picture across sessions and devices

Key Capabilities

Retention Analysis

Improve end-to-end journeys

Optimize engagement and retention with a complete analysis of journeys covering all devices and sessions in between. Identify events at each step and opportunities for personalizing the experience. Accurately attribute conversions across touchpoints to understand what has the greatest impact.

Integrate your tech stack for greater insights

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Optimizely
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Qualtrics
  • kameleoon
  • New Relic

Most common use cases

Drive customer lifetime value and lower churn

Measure the impact of all the customer experience elements, such as campaigns, content, A/B tests and features, across sessions and customer milestones to optimize for long-term value.


All-in-one experience platform

Deliver better digital experiences, faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A product analytics tool is a software application/ platform that allows businesses to collect and analyze data related to their products. It tracks user behavior, engagement, and other metrics to provide insights for improving product performance and user experience.

  • Product Analytics enables product, data and marketing teams to understand and improve product adoption, growth and customer retention. It does this by surfacing user journeys and interaction events at a user-level. It helps to prioritize product development and investment by uncovering user behavior trends at each milestone in the user journey.

  • Using a product analytics tool can provide valuable insights into user behavior, feature usage, and product performance. This data can help businesses make data-driven decisions, enhance product development, optimize marketing strategies, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction and revenue.

  • A product analytics tool typically works by integrating with the product or website, collecting data on user interactions, events, and metrics. It then processes and presents this data in a visual and actionable format, allowing businesses to analyze and derive insights from the collected information.

  • When choosing a product analytics tool, consider features like event tracking, user segmentation, funnel analysis, cohort analysis, A/B testing, and integrations with other tools. Look for tools that provide real-time data, customizable dashboards, and comprehensive reporting capabilities to meet your specific needs.

  • Product Analytics insights identify the what, when, and who to focus on for digital.

    However, knowing the drop off points doesn’t explain why the issue occurred or how to fix the problem, often requiring a deeper dive with Digital Experience Analytics and Digital Experience Monitoring.

      - Digital Experience Analytics can identify why some users succeed in their journeys while others were confused or not interested so teams can uncover opportunities for better product solutions

      - Digital Experience Monitoring will surface the root cause behind experience blockers, regardless of whether they are due to technical issues, slow speeds or simply a confusing UX

      - Voice of Customer will let customers tell product teams where they see opportunities and issues using their own words

    The combination makes for an all-in-one experience platform that transforms the entire team with an ability to create better products and experiences.

  • Our vision is crystal clear: we’re building one single platform to understand and continuously improve the customer experience (CX) across all channels and segments.

    Experience is a team sport and in order to be successful and efficient, teams need a single source of truth to work from — not multiple data sets that need to be integrated manually.
    Integrating product analytics capabilities into the Contentsquare platform will enable our customers with an all-in-one experience platform that provides a complete view of the end-to-end customer experience across web and apps. With one single source of truth for understanding the customer experience, teams are able to align around common metrics and what action needs to be taken.

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