Emma x Contentsquare

How Emma used customer behavior insights to increase conversions on key campaign landing pages by 7%

The Company

Emma - The Sleep Company is the world's leading direct-to-consumer sleep brand. With over 1.5 million mattresses sold each year, the brand is on a mission to lead, disrupt, and reinvent the sleep-tech industry. To ensure their digital experiences were as relaxing as their mattresses, they turned to Contentsquare.

The team at Emma was focused on ensuring an agile and data-driven approach to optimizing their digital experience—with major campaigns and seasonal discount promotions forming an integral part of the brand's eCommerce strategy. For each campaign, the team built a new landing page using a similar template. Optimizing these sales pages for success was therefore a high priority for Emma.

The Challenge

Emma’s Black Friday campaign (called Black Weeks) is one of the brand’s most important campaigns, responsible for significantly influencing success during the Christmas period. 

Using Contentsquare, the team conducted an in-depth analysis of the Black Weeks landing page to better understand user behavior and take a closer look at the conversion funnel. The goal was to discover which adjustments to implement to  improve the digital experience across their most important campaigns. 

Armed with these insights, the team began to optimize the landing page template, including:
  1. Changing the height of product tiles on the landing page to create more space for sharing popular elements above the fold.
  2. Reducing the height of the hero section and moving popular products and elements higher up the page to increase their visiblity.
  3. Removing the sticky promo banner from its site-wide placement, and only displaying it on the homepage, product listing pages, and product detail pages to avoid repeated visits to the same landing page.

The Solution

Firstly, the team used Customer Journey Analysis to understand both how users arrived at the Black Weeks page and what their onward journey throughout the site looked like.

Secondly, they used Zone-Based Heatmaps to better understand how users navigated and interacted with the page itself. 

Finally, Contentsquare Impact Quantification helped the team assess which actions to prioritize based on their impact on conversions and ROI.

Thanks to Contentsquare, the team uncovered the following insights:

  • 40% of users landed on the Black Weeks landing page via the homepage, with many others landing directly.

  • The conversion rate of users who landed directly on the Black Weeks page was 58% lower than users who accessed it at another point in their journey.

  • The bounce rate of the Black Weeks page was higher than on classic product list pages. However, two-thirds of bouncers scrolled and interacted with the page before leaving, indicating they were not convinced by the offer presented.

  • The most popular products with the most clicks were from the "Mattresses" category, but this was located below the fold.

  • Users who arrived at the Black Weeks page via the sticky banner (placed throughout the site) were much more likely to convert. However, many users clicked on the banner when they were already on the landing page, making it redundant. 

We were looking for a new analytics tool that was flexible and easy to implement. Contentsquare makes our lives so much easier by providing insights about our customers’ behavior that we never had access to before. I really enjoy working with the platform!”

- ShuAn Yang, Digital Optimization Manager
Emma – The Sleep Company

The Results

A projected 7% increase in conversions.

With the help of Contentsquare, Emma was able to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior on their landing pages and quickly implement targeted optimizations to improve their performance. The optimized sales pages are now used across other important campaigns and promotions (such as Valentine’s Day), and are continuously analyzed with Contentsquare.