Solutions for Digital Marketing Teams

Powerful yet intuitive analytics for Digital Marketing Teams

Make sense of what content and pages to optimize, understand the user journey and improve your conversion rates. 

Visualize customer journeys to improve acquisition

Contentsquare allows you to see how visitors progress through your site and within your pages. See at a glance why prospects bounce and how to reduce bounce rates.

  • Dig deeper and reveal journeys by behavioral segment, acquisition channels or new versus repeat visitors.
  • Create and refine better customer journeys with data backed insights to get everyone on board.

Understand and optimize content ROI

Understand whether your content strategy is working for winning customers to your brand.

  • See how visitors interact with every content element on your site and how that impacts their conversion .
  • Use that data then to attribute revenue to investments in content, reduce bounce rates and tell a story about how customers consume content — and how it influences goal completion.

Surface insights to beat campaign targets

Contentsquare's artificial intelligence allows you to get a custom view of the metrics you and the team care about most. 

  • Metrics include content consumption, form completions, conversions and ecommerce performance.
  • Set AI alerts for KPIs related to your content and be notified when metrics change dramatically. 

Contentsquare offers easy ways to integrate into your existing tech stack.

Browse all of our Integrations and API connections

Use Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and your Contentsquare data to create highly informed, actionable insights and decisions. 

Import marketing campaign or A/B test segments that you have already defined in Google or Adobe and visualize the user experience of those users and why they make decisions to convert or not.

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