Using data to craft the perfect product page.


Beerwulf ran a Valentine’s Day campaign where they had their typical product page, with a product description and "add to cart" button, and a more detailed landing page with more information on the history of the beers, delivery times, product packaging, and more. The team considered doing away with the detailed landing page because it wasn't getting the number of views they expected, but wanted more insight into page performance before killing the page.

Thanks to Contentsquare I'm able to see and follow every day the user experience of our customers and then take actions right away."

Quentin Le Moigne

CX Analyst


Using Contentsquare's page comparator tool, the Beerwulf team found that the detailed landing page was not being viewed as much as they expected. The content team thought that maybe they were overloading customers with information and thus considered getting rid of the page all together. To be sure of this, the content team conducted a customer journey analysis to check if their hypothesis was correct.


The content team saw that those who did view that page were 5% more likely to convert later on, so visitors were actually using the information on the landing page to make their decision. This confirmed that the page is actually important to customers when making purchase decisions and should be available in more product descriptions.

Contentsquare empowers my team to make data-driven decisions so they can find clear business values for improvements they find on the page."

Lars Harmsem

Product Owner Experimentation

More ways Beerwulf optimized their digital experience with Contentsquare:

Optimizing Mobile with The Beerwulf CX Team

The Beerwulf team noticed a high percentage of mobile visitors were landing on a product page and bouncing. The team realized that critical information like price, product info, and the purchase CTA were hidden below the fold on mobile and Contentsquare data revealed 40% of users weren't scrolling down the page to learn more. Ultimately, the team moved the item name and price above the product image to help increase conversions and decrease bounce rate. 

Improving Customer Journeys with Beerwulf's Product Team

Using Contentsquare's customer journey analysis, the Beerwulf product team noticed customers were repeatedly navigating between their product listing page and product detail pages to compare the contents of their mixed beer packages. The team then introduced new functionality that enabled customers to view package details directly from the product listing page, ultimately resulting in a 2.4% increase in conversion rate. 


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