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Digital Marketing

  • 6 min read

    Everything you need to know about customer journey mapping

    What exactly is customer journey mapping and why is it so important for success? In this post, we’ll cover what a customer journey map is and how to create one, plus share examples of customer journey maps to inspire you. At Contentsquare, we’re committed to creating better digital experiences for all. Our advanced customer journey […]

    Katie Leask
  • 5 min read

    What does good customer experience mean to you? The hottest CX priorities from five top brands

    Customer experience, also known as CX, is the overall perception that a customer has of your brand. Whether buying your product, talking to customer service, or following you on Twitter; every single thing you do has the power to influence how your customers perceive your business. So you need to give them something that keeps […]

    Katie Leask
  • 5 min read

    Mobile-only Indexing: How to Get Your Website Ready for Google’s Biggest Update in Years

    If you’re confused about the internet’s latest buzzword, don’t worry; we’re here to explain what mobile-only indexing means in simple terms. We’ll also show you what to do to ensure your site isn’t negatively affected. So, in one sentence; what is mobile-only indexing?  Mobile-only indexing means that Google will now only use the mobile version […]

    Katie Leask
  • 7 min read

    How to Create Customer-Centric Advertising Campaigns in 2021

    Most customer journeys start the second a new user clicks on your ad. That is… if you can get them to click your ad!  We sat down with David Rodnitzky, the founder of 3Q Digital, an New York City-based growth marketing agency, and Anne DiNapoli Block, SVP and Head of Communications at creative agency Trade […]

  • 6 min read

    5 Lessons on Reaching Digital Consumers Creatively from Burger King’s Global CMO Fernando Machado

    “Creativity has the power to bend reality,” is the advice Burger King’s Global CMO, Fernando Machado, left with attendees of Contentsquare’s annual conference, CX Circle. Machado is an extremely decorated marketer with a proven track record of pushing creative boundaries and driving business growth, so it’s no surprise his keynote speech, “The King Just Wants […]

    Lyssa Test
  • 5 min read

    Social Platforms, a New Lease on Life for Luxury Brands

    It can’t be said often enough: digital channels play a crucial role in a brand’s development. And yet, one existential question plagues the luxury industry: how do we create online experiences that are as exceptional as the in-store feeling? Perhaps the secret lies in social networks. We take an in-depth look with Violaine Gressier, Head […]

    Wendy Carré
  • 3 min read

    New Platform Innovations Reveal Biggest Opportunities to Grow Digital Results

    Contentsquare, the leading experience analytics provider, today launched new solutions to make sophisticated data-driven decisions more accessible to the digital teams companies rely on for survival and growth. The new Merchandising, Insights and Troubleshooting solutions provide visual analysis and granular recommendations based on the fullest set of variables influencing digital consumer behavior including content, UX, […]

  • 2 min read

    NEWS: 2020 Digital Experience Benchmark Finds Two Thirds of Web Content Goes Unseen by Customers

    NEW YORK, NY 10 MARCH 2020 — Over two thirds (69%) of all web content published by brands still goes “unseen” by consumers. This is just one of the findings revealed in a new global study from Contentsquare, the leading provider of digital experience analytics. Of all the sectors analyzed, banking has the highest amount […]


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