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Beauty & Cosmetics

  • 4 min read

    Product reviews: 6 tips on creating the best review section for your product page

    Although we’ve already discussed some best user experience practices in our previous article, there is still more wealth to be shared! In this article, we will be covering six more best practices for the review section of your product page.   1. Show only a few reviews at a time You should provide your users […]

    Claudia Chang
  • 6 min read

    10 lessons learned from past peak seasons with Clarins 

    Emilie Manoury, Digital, eCommerce, and CRM Director at Clarins talks us through her biggest learnings from their busiest time of the year. This year will be Emilie’s fifth peak season at Clarins and during that time she’s learned plenty about what does and doesn’t work in the world of eCommerce. “I think sometimes you learn […]

    Katie Leask
  • 5 min read

    2021 Digital Experience Benchmarks by Industry 

    Every year, Contentsquare releases a digital experience benchmark report to help businesses see how their digital experience stacks up against the world’s leading brands. This year’s report stands out for a few reasons.  Firstly, it tracks and measures the change in consumer digital behaviors that took place over the last year and the digital transformation […]

    Lyssa Test
  • 3 min read

    The Benefits of an Open and Inclusive Business, with Katharina Stock

    As part of this year’s CX Circle Magazine, we sat down with Katharina Stock, a User Experience (UX) Researcher at Cosnova Beauty, a German cosmetics company. We asked Stock to share what it’s like working at Cosnova Beauty, a predominantly female company known for its transparency and culture. Here’s what she had to say about […]

    Chris Camps
  • 4 min read

    Data: The Secret Weapon for Customer Satisfaction

    Being data-driven isn’t something you can just proclaim. It’s something you have to work towards and maintain.  How are today’s brands becoming more data-driven? They’re adopting new tools and incrementally making changes based on their data and analysis. As the eCommerce landscape continues to get more and more competitive, now is a great time for […]

    Mathieu Staat
  • 2 min read

    The Rise of Influencer Marketing for Luxury Brands

    While brands have long used social media influencers to increase the visibility of their products and services, increase brand authenticity, and generate sales, many luxury brands have resisted leaning on influencers until recently. Every industry was changed by the onset of COVID-19, but few were as impacted as the luxury industry. The cornerstone of many […]

    Joël Gaudeul
  • 4 min read

    How Exceptional Customer Service Helps Luxury Brands Stand Out

    A digital earthquake has been felt in the luxury goods industry, and its impact is indisputable. There’s a host of new opportunities available to brands: new user behavior, product innovations, and particularly, exceptional and innovative customer services. As Cécile Robin, Head of eCommerce EMEA at Shiseido, explains that the luxury market’s cornerstones are its services. […]

    Wendy Carré
  • 6 min read

    The Era of Omnichannel eCommerce Experience Has Arrived

    This year, eCommerce has proved itself irreplaceable to consumers. While customers first turned to online shopping as a necessity during the onset of the pandemic, their behaviors today tell us this eCommerce boom is anything but a short-lived trend. Still, while eCommerce has proved it’s here to stay, brands must keep customer experience and engagement […]

    Wendy Carré
  • 8 min read

    How e.l.f. Cosmetics is Bringing The Holiday In-Store Experience Online

    If any brand was ready to take on a pandemic, it was e.l.f. Cosmetics. In 2019, e.l.f. made the decision to close down all of its stores to focus on growing its digital presence. When the pandemic hit, the e.l.f. team didn’t have to worry about shutting down stores or transitioning to online-only. They already […]

    Lyssa Test

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