We recently sat down with Carlos Ma, Head of Digital Experience at global financial services network StoneX. Following the recent corporate website relaunch, we were keen to find out what challenges lay ahead, and what motivated the company to choose Contentsquare’s platform to help optimize the customer experience.

About Carlos and StoneX’s website relaunch

As the Head of Digital Experience at StoneX, Carlos Ma and his team are responsible for optimizing the digital experience of the company’s retail and commercial clients.

StoneX, a Fortune 100, Nasdaq-listed company, is celebrating its centenary this year, and it recently launched a new brand website to help seamlessly connect its clients to the major global financial markets.

What are your key challenges and priorities?

For StoneX, optimizing cross-channel customer experiences across product teams can be a challenge.

“Given that each product has its own roadmap and priorities, being able to quantify the impact and demonstrate the potential ROI becomes crucial when deciding what to optimize,” explains Carlos.

“My personal priority is to provide an open and safe environment for the team to think creatively about how we can deliver the best digital experience for our clients.”
– Carlos Ma

StoneX.com new website

What stood out to you most about Contentsquare?

When StoneX launched its rebranded corporate website (www.stonex.com) to provide a streamlined platform for connecting clients with StoneX solutions and services experts, the company needed a digital experience solution that would help with website analysis—and ultimately drive business growth.

“When we were looking for a solution, our Head of Websites Marina Muncescu, who had met Contentsquare at a CX event, recommended that we take a look at the platform,” Carlos says.

“The visual representation of client engagement metrics and the ability to segment client session replays to gain insights from clients’ interactions on the website were particularly valuable features for us, and really stood out as potentially offering a lot of value.”

“Contentsquare empowers us to gather valuable customer insights, enabling us to optimize the user experience and drive business growth.”

– Carlos Ma

What are your favorite features so far, and which features are you most looking forward to using?

Carlos explains that Contentsquare has already been successfully implemented across the majority of StoneX’s public websites, encompassing both B2C and B2B platforms.

He cites his favorite feature so far as CS Live, because “it’s an excellent starting point for someone new to Contentsquare or for demonstrating to stakeholders how easy it is to draw engagement data within just a few clicks, something that was previously not possible.”

CS Live on StoneX.com showing Contentsquare click rate zoning 

And this is just the beginning:

“We are continuously expanding Contentsquare’s reach by integrating into StoneX’s digital properties, enabling us to capture the full end-to-end customer digital journey,” Carlos says.

“Thanks to the integration between Contentsquare and our Google Analytics, we discovered some of our MetaTrader clients were trying to log in using our proprietary platform login window, which had been causing some frustration.”
– Carlos Ma

Which teams will be getting their hands on the platform?

Carlos’ digital experience team is driving Contentsquare’s adoption within the organization: “We’re working closely with Contensquare’s experts to maximize the tool’s potential,” he says.

“A diverse group of web editors, marketing specialists, copywriters, designers and UX/UI experts are also regular users of Content Square, contributing to its widespread adoption and success,” Carlos adds.

“Contentsquare empowers us to realize our inspiration of delivering exceptional digital experience, seamlessly connecting clients to the markets that they seek.” —Carlos Ma

Quote from Head of Digital Experience at StoneX

If you were to recommend Contentsquare to a contact in the industry, what would you say?

“Contentsquare is a powerful UX analytics tool that helps companies to become more data-driven when optimizing their digital experience. It’s easy to use and integrates well with most mainstream technologies in the market. At StoneX, we provide comprehensive market intelligence insights to our customers. Data is a powerful driver for both our business and our clients’ businesses and helps us to make more informed decisions.”

Carlos is also impressed with the support offered by Contentsquare, which he describes as “exceptional” and “second to none.”

“The accounts manager and customer success team have been instrumental in supporting us to drive wider adoption of the platform. They are consistently prompt when addressing queries. They proactively share platform updates and provide relevant use cases to inspire our team to extract valuable insights,” he says.