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  • 3 min read

    UX tips to improve your site’s conversion rate

    Encouraging users to submit their information on your website for a follow-back isn’t easy. Many users are deterred from providing information if it seems as though a site’s only purpose is to get their email and phone number.  So here are some content-oriented tips to ensure the foundation of your lead generation experience is headed […]

    Michelle Lee
  • 2 min read

    How to create a frictionless payment process: Four tips from two banking experts

    The checkout experience has moved from an afterthought to a key differentiator for eCommerce. The pandemic has changed how merchants prioritize their digital experience and accelerated the need to give customers choices when it comes to the payment process. Our recent panel on How to Create a Frictionless Payment Process discussed how brands can upgrade […]

    Delaney McDonald
  • 2 min read

    Sale season fails: The eCommerce bloopers our customers are trying to forget

    If you never fail, you never learn. That’s why at one of our recent client clubs we asked our lovely customers about their biggest trade and merchandising bloopers ahead of this year’s sale season. From the relatively small to the big and painful, here are some of our clients’ biggest eCommerce bloopers – anonymized, of […]

    Katie Leask
  • 4 min read

    The perfect meal: How Contentsquare is helping supercharge Huel’s impressive growth plans

    We sat down with Ollie Scheers, CTO at Huel, to chat about why he chose Contentsquare to drive Huel’s impressive growth, by helping to understand and improve their customer experience online. About Ollie and his team As CTO, Ollie looks after the Engineering, UX, Data, and Insights teams. Their major priorities are continuing to improve […]

  • 6 min read

    The do’s and don’ts of Core Web Vitals with iProspect

    With Google’s new ‘page experience’ metrics now a ranking signal, approaches to website performance and UX have seen a real shake-up in recent months.  Ric Riley, Associate Director – Optimization, iProspect, spoke at our latest CX Circle event about Google’s Core Web Vitals algorithm update, providing useful tips to help prioritize your website task list […]

    Katie Leask
  • 4 min read

    How Reebok is challenging itself to become the most personalized sports brand in the world

    adidas Group’s Marco Fazio and Charmaine Amsler (Senior Manager and Associated Manager of Conversion Optimization, respectively) spoke at our latest CX Circle event on the importance of leveraging AI and data science for eCommerce brands. Having kickstarted the personalization and A/B testing program at Reebok around 18 months ago, Marco’s team now oversees all of […]

    Katie Leask
  • 3 min read

    Tech and eCommerce: How to Build an Inclusive Business

    I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Laetitia Vitaud, author and public speaker on the future of work. Founder of Cadre  Noir, a London-based research and marketing firm exploring the future of work and consumption, Laetitia also regularly collaborates with Welcome to the Jungle, a French website connecting candidates and employers, and co-hosts the […]

    Geoffrey Vion
  • 5 min read

    4 Lessons I Wish I Knew Earlier in My Career as a Woman in eCommerce

    As part of Contentsquare’s first-ever global Women in eCommerce event, I wanted to share some lessons and advice I’ve picked up from working in the digital industry for the last 15 years. Not only has a lot has changed in the space since I joined, but I’ve also grown a lot as an individual during […]

    Malvina Courouble-Or
  • 7 min read

    “Dancing Outside of Your Comfort Zone”: How Sur La Table is Cooking Up Memorable Experiences

    If you’ve baked banana bread or slaved over your sourdough starter in the last six months, you’re not alone. With restaurants and businesses closing their doors when COVID-19 hit the US,at-home cooking and baking experienced a bit of a resurgence in 2020. Americans were forced to eat at home with their families and get crafty […]

    Lyssa Test
  • 3 min read

    5 CX Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

    While 2020 has thrown us a few curveballs, one thing is certain — eCommerce is here to stay. With more users shopping online than ever before, it’s more important than ever for brands to prioritize digital experience and give customers a reason to come back time and time again. Unfortunately, building a seamless digital experience […]

    Dionaisy Caceres
  • 9 min read

    The Future of eCommerce: What’s on The Horizon for Brands and Retailers?

    2020 has been a year for the history books. On January 1, we thought we were simply entering a new decade and getting a new start. That is until, only a few weeks into the year, the Covid-19 health crisis struck worldwide and the year took a turn for the worse. As the virus continued […]

    Wendy Carré
  • 5 min read

    5 Tips on How to Digitally Transform Your Business in 2020

    For the last five weeks, we’ve been welcoming digital leaders from top brands like Tile, Walmart, Columbia Care, and e.l.f. Cosmetics to discuss all things customer experience as part of our Summer Camp series (mosquitos not included).  Our digital experts shared what they think the future of digital holds for eCommerce, how their companies and […]

    Lyssa Test

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