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  • 2 min read

    How Contentsquare is supporting Björn Borg boost its eCommerce growth

    We recently sat down with Robin Salazar, Global eCommerce Director at Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg, to learn why they chose Contentsquare’s Digital Experience Analytics platform to help them boost eCommerce growth by analyzing customer behavior. About Robin and Björn Borg As Global eCommerce Director, Robin and his team are responsible for harnessing data […]

    Andrea Stoica

  • 3 min read

    Avensia Extends Offering to Help Commerce Businesses Make Smarter Decisions in Ever-Changing Market Conditions

    Modern commerce expert Avensia announces a new partnership with global digital experience analytics provider Contentsquare. Working with Contentsquare, Avensia will be able to help commerce businesses transform into agile and data-driven organizations in order to quickly respond to the ever-changing market conditions. The two companies are already working together with shared retail customers. In today’s […]


  • 6 min read

    Ecommerce peak season: How to Optimize Your Website for a Smooth Shopping Experience

    Getting ready for the eCommerce peak season? Today we want to tell you about how you can excel in your next peak campaign and the role of Digital Experience Analytics in creating the best digital experience for your customers.  This article will guide you through what you can do before, during and after the season. […]

    Fernando Moreno

  • 8 min read

    The eCommerce conversion funnel is changing: Here’s 3 strategies to help you adapt

    The transformation of the eCommerce conversion funnel is a major paradigm shift that digital eCommerce teams can’t afford to ignore. For starters, it helps explain the -3.5% Year-on-Year drop in eCommerce conversion rates that we saw last year—and the accompanying dip in session consumption metrics such as time spent per session. We lay out exactly how […]

    Jack Law

  • 3 min read

    Contentsquare’s Techstack Showcase: How to Build a Best-in-Class Technology Stack for Retailers

    Shoptalk is one of the retail industry’s top events where the most influential digital leaders and innovative technologies come together for three days of conversations, workshops, and presentations on the future of retail. This year, Contentsquare invited our strategic partners onsite to stop by the Contentsquare booth for on-site product demos and discussions on the […]

    Erin McDonald

  • 6 min read

    3 eCommerce conversion rate optimization strategies to grow your retail business this year

    Ecommerce conversion rates dropped by -3.5% last year. We explored what might be behind this decline in a recent article. But enough about the problem; let’s talk solutions. We’ve seen the three eCommerce conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies featured in this article work wonders for the conversion rates of leading retailers (we’ve provided links to […]

    Jack Law

  • 6 min read

    Boost your retail conversion rates with these 5 insights from our Benchmark Report

    The eCommerce industry is currently experiencing a transformation—one that offers boundless opportunities to boost your retail conversion rates and drive growth. However, this shift also comes with new and unique challenges. Digital advertising costs have surged and consumer attention is becoming increasingly fragmented, leaving retailers grappling with fewer page views and rising visitor frustration. Add […]

    Jack Law

  • 3 min read

    5 Holiday shopping trends to know for 2023

    The holiday shopping season is critical for retailers to increase their revenue, expand their customer base, boost brand recognition and deplete their year-end inventory. And consumers know this—daily online traffic during the holidays was up to +67% higher than non-holiday traffic in 2022 (Contentsquare). To understand how consumer activity and behavior change during the holiday […]

    Delaney McDonald