Data-driven web design: The recipe for success according to Moss Bros


Katie Leask

March 15, 2022 | 3 min read

Last Updated: Aug 8, 2023

As Head of eCommerce at Moss Bros, Matt Henton knows a thing or two about digital marketing. Having been with Moss Bros for the past seven years, Matt’s responsible for everything the brand delivers online. “My job is getting people to visit our website, and crafting digital experiences that support and showcase the products we have and the services we provide,” he explains. 

About Moss Bros

Moss Bros is the UK’s number one men’s formalwear retailer. Their mission? To inspire, guide, and help men feel amazing whatever the occasion. “And we’ve been around for a very long time,” says Matt, “Since 1851!”

Moss Bros Branding on website

During that time, Moss Bros has adapted and expanded its services in line with changing consumer demands. In 2022, there are now four parts to Moss Bros’ business.

“Firstly, there’s our ready-to-wear menswear across both formal and casual wear ranges,” explains Matt. “Then we’ve got our custom-made tailoring service called Tailor Me which allows customers to choose from 1000s of different styling options, fabrics, linings, and buttons to craft their own design.”

On top of this, Moss Bros’ most famous offering is their hire service. “That’s what a lot of people know us for,” says Matt. “This offering is very occasion-led, so people hiring for weddings and black tie events—that kind of thing.”

And finally, their latest venture: Moss Box, a subscription-based business launched in 2021. “Subscribers can have any two items from a Moss Box collection at any time, swapping them as many times as they like. We take care of delivery and cleaning. And if you love something, you can keep it!” he explains.

Preparing their website for success

With seven years’ experience at Moss Bros, plus previous roles including Head of eCommerce at luxury fashion retailer and Marketing Director at parts retailer eSpares, Matt has a wealth of eCommerce knowledge at his disposable.

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So how does Matt’s team prepare for success throughout the year?

For Matt, understanding his customer’s digital behavior on the deepest level, then implementing changes to make their lives easier is the name of the game. “We just love coming up with better ways of doing things.”

“We’re an optimization-focused team at Moss Bros. We love getting under the skin of our visitors and analyzing what they’re doing on-site. We take pride in uncovering their pain points and finding the areas of friction that are stopping them from doing what they want to do.”

For this, Matt and his team use Contentsquare’s advanced intelligence platform to analyze their customer behavior, diving into individual page performance and in-depth customer journey analysis to better understand what their customers are doing. They also feed testing and personalization data from Dynamic Yield into the Contentsquare platform to see how different A/B tests are performing. “We then use all of this data to help craft better experiences for them,” he says.

Alongside Contentsquare and Dynamic Yield, Moss Bros works closely with Endless Gain; a research agency that uses biometrics, psychology, and experimentation to optimize customer experiences and improve conversion rates. “They help us run testing sessions where we get remote volunteers to try various tasks on-site,” Matt explains. “We watch how they perform the tasks and ask them to explain any difficulties they’re having as they go.”

This mix of qualitative and quantitative data helps Moss Bros paint a thorough picture of their customer behavior. And armed with these insights, they’re able to continuously adapt and improve their site to better cater to their users’ preferences. 

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