The Contentsquare and Adobe Analytics integration explained


Delaney McDonald

April 28, 2023 | 2 min read

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2023

With 81% of organizations citing customer experience (CX) as a competitive differentiator in 2023, it’s essential to have the right tools to help you track, analyze and understand your website visitors’ behavior. This is where the Contentsquare and Adobe Analytics integration can help—the combination of these two powerful tools gives you a complete picture of your digital experience so you can optimize the customer journey to drive more engagement and conversions.

How the Contentsquare and Adobe Analytics integration works

Contentsquare’s digital experience analytics (DXA) platform captures in-page activity to provide in-depth metrics about visitor behavior. With the Adobe Analytics integration, you can analyze customer journeys by segment, track how visitors progress from entry to exit and visualize how visitors interact with each site element with unique engagement, conversion, and revenue metrics.

Visualize customer journey activity for Adobe segments

  • Visualize activity by Adobe segment using Zone-Based Heatmaps and attribute revenue to converted users, helping you improve your targeting and increasing ROAS for future campaigns.
  • Analyze navigation patterns for imported Adobe segments for users based on specific behaviors (bounced, engaged with hero banner, etc.) using Customer Journey Analysis to understand and improve your channel performance.
  • Visualize visitor interactions within a page using Zone-Based Heatmaps to fine-tune your Adobe segments over time, improve your customer acquisition ROI, focus testing, and develop superior digital journeys that consistently lead to conversion.

Review individual user sessions in Adobe Analytics

  • Use Session Replay to reconstruct an individual visitor session directly in Adobe Analytics to get a complete view of users’ behavior to discover any friction or frustration and learn your biggest opportunities for optimizing CX and boosting engagement.

Deep understanding of top-of-funnel behavior

The Contentsquare and Adobe Analytics integrations allow you to get a deeper understanding of your top-of-funnel behavior so you can optimize your acquisition cost and ROAS. Learn to target certain segments better to improve your marketing channel performance and optimize your customer journey and onsite engagement.

With Contentsquare capturing all the data, you and your team and quickly and efficiently make data-driven optimizations that result in a better customer experience.

A powerful integration that helps you provide better CX

Contentsquare and Adobe Analytics integration provides a complete view of your website visitors’ behavior. By combining the two powerful tools, businesses can optimize their top-of-funnel journeys to boost ROAS, acquisition spending, channel performance and onsite activity to boost conversions.

Learn more about the Contentsquare and Adobe Analytics integration here.


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