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Discover opportunities in seconds with advanced heat mapping

Reveal how users interact with each element on your website and your app. Understand what makes them click or tap, which elements attract their attention, and what content makes them bounce. Go beyond basic analytics metrics to understand why your web and app users behave as they do.

Advanced experience and revenue attribution

Heatmap data uncovers page elements that drive results

An aggregated view reveals advanced in-page and on-screen behaviors such as clicks, taps, hesitations, scrolls and swipes. Quickly discover the revenue and conversion rate of each page and screen element, then use this data to deliver successful experiences.

  • Analyze heatmaps in the platform or directly on-site using our live zoning extension
  • Easily export and share heatmaps with digital teams and key stakeholders.
  • Get more insights with shortcuts to Session Replay and Customer Journey Analysis.

Side-by-side analysis in a single view

Quickly analyze and optimize A/B test performance

Understand at a glance which A/B tests performed better and why. Analyze the performance of key campaigns and testing variations, then take informed action based on ROI data and user intent.

  • Compare two different test variations, devices, metrics, or customer segments. 
  • Learn the impact of different user behaviors and optimize based on what brings your business the most value.

Most common use cases

Understand the 'why' of user behavior

Discover not just what users do on-site, but why they do it. Compare key customer segments to see how site elements affect behavior and conversion rate.

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Zone-Based Heatmaps in action

How Moss Bros uses behavioral insights to boost revenue by 13%

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Contentsquare drives benefits straight to the bottom line. It’s widely adopted across our entire digital team, from UX to digital acquisition to optimization and merchandising, allowing them to easily identify and eliminate points of friction.

It allows us to be nimble and drive changes onto our site which are directly benefiting our customers."

Matt Henton

Head of eCommerce
Moss Bros. Group

Frequently asked questions

  • A heatmap (or heat mapping) is a data visualization technique that helps you understand how users behave on a website.

  • You can use heatmaps to understand the impact of your in-page behavior; where users click, hesitate, and how far they scroll. Contentsquare’s Zone-Based Heatmaps aggregate data, helping you tailor your digital experiences to the intent of your most valuable customers.

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