Why Our New Partner Ecosystem Is A Customer Experience Gamechanger


Gilad Zubery

June 25, 2020 | 3 min read

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2020

A Partner Ecosystem Fit For The Age Of Customer Experience

The digital landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years, and even more so over the past few months, as temporary brick-and-mortar store closures have shifted customer engagement online. Brands were already competing on experience, but today, the ability to provide a standout digital Customer Experience is nothing short of business critical.


To deliver it, brands today can pick and choose from the thousands of tools and agencies promising to help them grow revenue, drive loyalty and deliver a better experience for their customers. But connecting the dots between them isn’t always easy. Brands need to be able to leverage rich behavioural data everywhere — to drive smarter, more personalized, and ultimately better customer experiences.

That’s why we’re launching the Contentsquare Experience Partner Ecosystem — a best-in-class ecosystem of Solution and Technology partners designed to create, promote and animate a global community of experts and partners committed to increasing customer value through Contentsquare solutions and driving profitable growth for businesses.

Our goal with this new partner ecosystem is to make it straightforward for customers to leverage Contentsquare insights and expertise across the entire digital ecosystem. Helping them to get to market faster, minimize complexity and get more ROI from their CX.



A Comprehensive Network Of Certified Partners To Deliver Better Customer Experiences

With more than 100 partners — spanning categories such as traditional analytics, testing, personalization, e-commerce and voice of customer, as well as solution partners including major agencies, digital specialists, system integrators and consulting firms — this global ecosystem extends the Contentsquare platform to give more stakeholders access to smart, actionable data whenever and wherever they need it. 

With our new APIs, we are equipping our partners with the capabilities they need to integrate with ease, scale their business, and fuel the customer-centric innovation necessary for ensuring business continuity in today’s market.

At a time when customers expect seamless, inspiring experiences everywhere, the ability to leverage unique behavioral metrics and sophisticated customer insights throughout the digital ecosystem will help teams achieve CX-cellence and customization at scale.



Ultimately, of course, our partner program is designed around the needs and digital initiatives of the businesses that serve customers and add value through digital, every day.

“Contentsquare has played a critical role in helping DeBeers develop our unique ecommerce offering, increase revenue from online sales and ultimately drive our website transformation. We utilise both agency partners and a range of different technologies, such as personalization and A/B testing,” said François Delage, CEO, De Beers UK. “Contentsquare’s tight integration with these systems allows us to leverage behavioral insights from each of them and ultimately deliver a better customer experience.”

Better Communication And Brand Visibility

Here at Contentsquare we hate information and knowledge silos. That’s partly why our data is so easy to understand and use. That’s also why we’re committed to keeping the conversation going all the time and encouraging collaboration within our partner ecosystem. We’re doing this in three key ways:

Our Experience Partner Program is a tiered program offering great benefits to member partners, like closer collaboration with customers, enhanced training and enablement, and referral fees.

We want to build a community of experts who can add value for clients with their in-depth knowledge of Contentsquare, and to that end, we’re also launching our brand new Experience Partner Portal — a one stop shop for our partners to communicate with Contentsquare. In the Partner Portal, you will be able to register new deals, get trained and certified, open support tickets and access all of the enablement materials you need. 

We’ve also launched our new Experience Partner Marketplace, and will continue to add new partners every day. It’s a marketplace of Contentsquare-certified technology partner connectors and solution partner service offerings that adhere to Contentsquare best practices, as well as allowing customers to distinguish certified connectors and service offering from others in the market.

And if you share the same mission to help brands create better digital experiences, then let’s talk!