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Partner with Contentsquare and accelerate your customers’ digital goals with Contentsquare’s leading digital experience analytics platform and expertise. Contentsquare delivers success with over 700 customers, including 30% of the global Fortune 100, and we partner with technology and solution providers equally committed to helping leading brands create better experiences.


Gain Support & Enablement

Customer success is our top priority and our partners are strategic in meeting this goal. We have a clear market position and a proven track record of working with partners to make the most of our joint value proposition and go-to-market.

Grow Your Business

We are committed to providing the resources and enablement for you to develop differentiated expertise and customer value to build a profitable business.

Accelerate Innovation

Digital experience analytics is an exciting and increasingly crucial requirement for many businesses, providing tangible, quantifiable and actionable business results.  Tap into this need, as well as Contentsquare market leadership and growth to become an expert and innovation leader.

  • What do our partners say?

    Wunderman Thompson

    "With Contentsquare, we don't just know how tests perform, we know why they performed. This has been huge for driving smarter tests and stronger conversions on our clients' sites. During a presentation, putting behavior analysis of two tests side-by-side means the whole room leaves the meeting on the same page, and it saves my analysts a ton of time."

    Josh Archer
    Director of Digital Strategy and Analytics
    Wunderman Thompson

  • What do our partners say?


    "Kibo is thrilled to work with Contentsquare on their new Contentsquare Experience Partner Ecosystem. We have been working together since 2018 to deliver frictionless commerce experiences for our clients, and are excited to further integrate our two companies for a more seamless client offering that helps retailers deploy, personalize and improve end-to-end experiences."

    Meyar Sheik
    President & Chief Commerce Officer

  • What do our partners say?


    "Changes in customer behavior are rapid and unpredictable. Having access to real-time data that represents unique insights can be a game-changer for brands. The power of Contentsquare and Tealium together unlocks a remarkable new understanding of user behavior - allowing our customers the ability to deliver unparalleled experiences across the customer journey."

    Mike Anderson
    Founder & CTO

  • What do our partners say?


    "Contentsquare is unique because it enables us to find all the pain points of a website or an app and quantify their impact on business. This really makes a difference and helps being efficient in prioritizing and defining the updates for websites and apps. With the Covid-19 crisis, user experience has become a major subject and Contentsquare's expertise on these topics really helps make good choices and improve faster."

    Ludovic Moulard
    Head of Analytics & UX Optimization

Contentsquare’s Experience Partner Program rewards investments and expertise on Contentsquare

Being a member of the Contentsquare Experience Partner Ecosystem provides the opportunity to transform and accelerate your business with Contentsquare. The Experience program, with tiered designations, recognizes those partners that engage with Contentsquare, invest in the Digital Experience Analytics platform, and drive value for our customers. The program offers partners incremental and progressive benefits to complement and build on existing program levels. Partners gain greater benefits and differentiation as they build expertise and success with customers.

Qualification Tiers Are Based On:


Partner's Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) generated through referral, co-sell and/or resale transactions


Certified Contentsquare consultants and/or repeatable, certified solutions

Customer Success

Live, referenceable customers