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Contentsquare Partner Program

The Contentsquare Experience Partner Ecosystem is a trusted network of over 100 technology and service providers. We are here to help you deliver the best-in-class customer experience through seamless integration and unique behavioral insights.

We're on a mission to empower you to create exceptional experiences

"Kibo is thrilled to work with Contentsquare on their new Contentsquare Experience Partner Ecosystem. We have been working together since 2018 to deliver frictionless commerce experiences for our clients. We are excited to further integrate our two companies for a more seamless client offering that helps retailers deploy, personalize and improve end-to-end experiences."

Meyar Sheik

President & Chief Commerce Officer, Kibo

"With Contentsquare, we don't just know how tests perform, we know why they performed. This has been huge for driving smarter tests and stronger conversions on our clients' sites. During a presentation, putting behavior analysis of two tests side-by-side means the whole room leaves the meeting on the same page, and it saves my analysts a ton of time."

Josh Archer

Vice President, Analytics, Wunderman Thompson

Partners are at the heart of our strategy

We deliver Digital Experience Analytics to brands while bringing industry knowledge, system integration, and solutions expertise to clients with our partners.

We believe in partnerships that are built on shared learnings and collaboration. Easy, agile and fruitful partnering is always our mission.

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Being a member of the Contentsquare Experience Partner Ecosystem provides the opportunity to transform and accelerate your customers' digital goals.

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