Contentsquare’s Techstack Showcase: How to Build a Best-in-Class Technology Stack for Retailers


Erin McDonald

April 13, 2023 | 3 min read

Shoptalk is one of the retail industry’s top events where the most influential digital leaders and innovative technologies come together for three days of conversations, workshops, and presentations on the future of retail.

This year, Contentsquare invited our strategic partners onsite to stop by the Contentsquare booth for on-site product demos and discussions on the power of leveraging your martech stack integrations to the full extent.

Martech stack integrations for better customer experience

At Contentsquare, we understand how important it is for retailers to leverage best-in-class martech stack integrations to create seamless and personalized customer experiences (CX).

Retailers that invest in building their unique tech stack, rather than investing in a one-size-fits-all product suite, can grow with their technology, matching key objectives with the tools they’ve invested in. High ROI is the north star for business leadership, and investing in a stack rather than a suite prevents the underutilization of expensive products.

During our two-day Techstack Showcase, Contentsquare was joined by eight forward-thinking independent software vendor (ISV) partners who, combined with Contentsquare, maximize ROI and improve digital experiences.

Partners at the Techstack Showcase

AB Tasty, Optimizely, Dynamic Yield and Monetate were the experimentation partners who spoke alongside our team on the importance of testing and personalization. Integrations across these tools allow retailer teams to uncover the why behind their campaign results and build more robust follow-up experiments.


“Speaking at the Contentsquare booth was a really great opportunity to showcase how AB Tasty works together with Contentsquare. We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with the Contentsquare team across many retail clients globally. This was a great opportunity to keep telling that story.” —Ashley Thorpe, Team Lead – Enterprise Customer Success, AB Tasty

Bloomreach joined us during the Techstack Showcase on Monday. This partnership adds unique insights from Contentsquare to customer profiles in Bloomreach, allowing brands to trigger more personalized actions. This is vital for retailers looking for deeper analysis of their customer experience and uncovering the impact marketing campaigns have on on-site metrics.

On Tuesday, we were joined by Botify, who, together with Contentsquare, helps retailers connect the dots along the customer journey, understanding the pages causing frustration or friction and their SEO indexability. By uncovering the CX nuances, retailers can optimize their digital experiences to drive more people to their site, offer a more personalized journey, and lead more users to conversion.

Ingenuity also joined us at the booth. They help retailers build, launch and optimize digital commerce brands that connect and resonate with modern consumers.

Bazaarvoice was one of our most popular demos, with a crowd of people stopping by the booth to understand the correlation between User Generated Content and data insights. Brands and retailers who can understand the impact that user-generated content is having on their engagement metrics and conversion rates, can make better decisions for the business and CX.

“The goal for both brands and retailers is to increase conversions and the only way to do that is to serve the optimal content and personalized experience to your customers. Being able to tell the story of how Contentsquare and Bazaarvoice work together was really powerful!” Bhavik Gandecha, Team Lead, Solution Consulting, Bazaarvoice

Contentsquare’s Experience Partner Ecosystem

We were honored to have so many fantastic partners join us at Shoptalk and look forward to expanding the program in the coming year. We understand that identifying the ins and outs of the customer experience is essential for retailers—and efficient and seamless martech stack integrations are key to revealing in-depth consumer behavior into actionable insights.

Our commitment to you, our retailer customers, is to continue to invest in product updates and a partner ecosystem that drives growth and success for your teams. Contentsquare’s Experience Partner Ecosystem today includes +125 martech stack integrations that enable retailers to understand and optimize the digital customer experience they offer.

Learn more about Contentsquare’s Partner Ecosystem here.


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