Beauty & Cosmetics

  • 6 min read

    The Era of Omnichannel eCommerce Experience Has Arrived

    This year, eCommerce has proved itself irreplaceable to consumers. While customers first turned to online shopping as a necessity during the onset of the pandemic, their behaviors today tell us this eCommerce boom is anything but a short-lived trend. Still, while eCommerce has proved it’s here to stay, brands must keep customer experience and engagement […]

    Wendy Carré

  • 8 min read

    How e.l.f. Cosmetics is Bringing The Holiday In-Store Experience Online

    If any brand was ready to take on a pandemic, it was e.l.f. Cosmetics. In 2019, e.l.f. made the decision to close down all of its stores to focus on growing its digital presence. When the pandemic hit, the e.l.f. team didn’t have to worry about shutting down stores or transitioning to online-only. They already […]

    Lyssa Test

  • 4 min read

    Beauty giant Avon sees sharp increase in engagement and revenue

    With 130 years of social selling under its belt, legacy beauty brand Avon has been ramping up its digital transformation, setting its sights on conquering new spaces for user experience optimization. As part of its digital brand lift, Avon has been investing heavily in customer-friendly content, equipping teams with the right tools to make insight-led […]

    Lorraine Ryshin